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Mac hell freezes over


  • Naw - now you will see how it is done correctly.
  • Just another nail in the Microsoft coffin.
  • Hmm - I'm guessing that although they will use Intel processors it won't be Pentium technology.
    The G5s have IBM processors but its a different architecture.

    Should the Apple Intel processors be Wintel Compatible it would make my job a lot easier :D - but my specialist Mac knowledge would become obselete:(
  • that's quite old news, isn't it?
  • Not really.

    But still. I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal out of this. It's not like anything will change to the users if the developers to their jobs and make universal binaries.

    Mac OS will still only run on Macs. So only Mac people will get to use it. I read that the other way around may be possible though.
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