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Thank God, Australian Motorsport is Saved!!

Wonderful news comming down the airways that the great Tom Walkinshaw is to be the new boss of Holden Motorsport.

This is great news for the V8 Supercar series which is in danger of making too much money and being too popular.

With Tom in charge of the Red Lion all of that must change. Probably the best part of this gig is that he won't just be stuffing up one team. Holden Motorsport supplies the factory team plus four other aligned teams.

So now all of you cheerful ex-Arrows types who lost either jobs, homes, or the team that you supported through all those years, ill now be able to get in touch with Dobbie through the Holden Motorsport website:


  • Thank goodness i'm a Ford man. :cool:
  • Allelua brother!!!

    Lease, Dobbie owns (or part owns) HSV (Modified road cars) and thru convoluted company stuctures, was not touched when hs empire collapsed.

    His reasoning for taking over the motorsport arm is that because of poor track performances this year, it is starting to affect sales of the HSV road cars. This is good news if you are a Ford Fan, because not only will he stuff up the Road cars but now also the Race cars. Woo Hoo..

    So now we have Poms running Ford performance Racing (Ford factory team) Poms running 888 Racing, now we have a Scot in the mix.

    PISS OFF and go back to the BTCC.
  • Dammit Lease, you got my hopes up with that " Australian Motorsport is Saved!!" remark. I thought either CAMS had grown balls, Tony Cochrane was killed, or the taxi's had called it a day.
  • On another note - the Forza Minardi.com Aurora makes a second appearance this weekend at Oran Park for a Supersprint meeting. We'll be using this one to test out a new front end and an up-spec engine. I'll have some pics and a weekend report early next week.

    New colour scheme doesnt come 'till after this meeting, same deal with my helmet. (being painted) There are a few car upgrades happening at the moment. Hopefully they can claw back some of the time the front runners have on us and we'll be alot more competitive come 2005!
  • Who's wind tunnel are you using?:hehe:
  • We have our own wind tunnel program in place currently.

    As for the weekends Supersprint/Test day, the new front suspension upgrades worked well. The car handled alot better than last time, particularly on the exit of corners when under power and dispite the un-rubbered track surface and intermittant rain. We set a fastest lap of 51.9 seconds officially, although there were alot of unrecorded laps thanks to the new timing system they were trialing, and I have my suspisions that we went a little quicker than that. Whatever the case, out of 50 cars (various classes) we set the 14th quickest lap, and were ranked 11th overall in calculated times. (3 fastest laps added together)

    More testing is planned after the new year, which will also involve the 2005 colour scheme. I bought all the vinyl to do that on Saturday morning. Plus some extra's to make a big stack of FM.com stickers. Something tells me i'll be mailing alot of them off to you guys once they've been made!

  • ^ You will if you know whats good for ya ;)
  • Any pics, Brooksey?

    On another note, does anybody know how I can get a subscription to AutoSprint from N. America? I can get all the UK mags, but can't find AutoSprint. Suggestions?

  • Forza Brooksey and Forza ... Tom! Ooooooo, no, stoppit, ho, ho, he he ...
  • Sorry i missed that one completely :S
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