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Trooping of the colour

Just been watching the trooping of the colour ceremony and I was just wondering if any other countries have the same type of thing??


  • Isn't it just an overglorified parade for the Queen's birthday? We stopped doing those around 1963..
  • yes its for the queens birthday but i dont think its overglorified at all!

    I really enjoy all the pomp and ceremony of these type of things, such as the opening of parliment and other assorted royal ceremonies.
  • Eh. I guess the most ceremonial things we have for our heads of state are their swearings in. The state of the union is a regularly occuring (yearly) event but there's no fixed ceremony for it really. The most fun is watching who the President shakes hands with, hugs or kisses(!) on his way to the podium. From there is only gets (more) munane..
  • Is this like the "tatoo's" ? The D& C exhibithions? The Brits have it hands down - the US is pure crap at D & C.
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