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The spiral continues?

Jordan owner 'Midland' will split with car builder Dallara at the end of the current season. Colin Kolles conceded speculation that the 2006 F1 car will no longer be built in Italy. "The engagement with Dallara will continue until December 31," the managing director said.
From f1racing.net

Speculation, anyone?


  • After paying for Jordan Schnaider probably did not want to pay for another chassis builder to produce the car. Problem is that the present designers at Jordan don't look as though they can produca a competitive car on a budget.
    The other explanation is that the team's been sold.
  • Interesting idea, the team being sold bit. Otherwise the whole Dallara deal seems rather pointless.
  • Jordan related rumor:

    Montagny might drive at France GP.
    Who will be sidelined???? Monteiro is catching up lately, but the Indian was too slow at Monaco and Nürburg.
  • Their package is all over the place. First this Dallara deal, now they switch horses when it's already far too late. Like Petrol said, who is going to be responsible for the design?

    Everyone thought the Russian money would propel them ahead, but it looks like the team is just lost at sea. Apparently bills are being left unpaid. To me, Shnaider seems to be after the quick buck; rip off the sponsors, sell the valuable parts and try to find a fool stupid enough to buy the team after that.
  • Sounds like the way Schnaider made his money in post privatisation Russia.
  • Chaos at Jordanski. I'm happy. How DO you spell schadenfruede?
  • "schadenfreude" of course.

    I love it when other people get their spelling all wrong!
    Suffer! Ha Ha !

    I'm feeling better already!

    .. and the more problems Jordan have, the better I feel.
  • "schadenfreude"
    Yet another word you've stolen from my language :spank: :hehe:
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