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New Quali Format

Looks like this could be decided today. KISS!. 12 laps each, every car must run every 15 mins to keep its best time. Parc ferme imposed after the last run. 107% rule to return to prevent any slacking, ( no names , no pack drill!)


  • Is that the proposal that is on the table or what you'd like to see?

    I have not read any F1 press today so I have no clue as to the latest.

    I will agree that the 107% rule must be reintroduced.
  • the 107% rule will be very hard on our team. Why do you want it reintroduced?????
  • well in all fairness it would force us to build a better car one way or the other


    f1.com doesn't mention it so where did you get it?
  • Neil - I am as much a fan of the team as you but the simple fact is that if we can't keep up we either have to up our game or go to F2.
  • well said
  • I'm still trying to work out what the problem was with the '03 format, and why it can't be re-introduced!!!
  • I think that part of it was the fact that most teams - well the front runners, would wait till the end of the session and set their times then. Qual was piss poor for sponsors, tv coverage etc etc.
  • That was 2002 Quigs.
  • I'm still trying to work out what the problem was with the '03 format, and why it can't be re-introduced
    same here!
  • The format is under review. Its pointless waiting for a format agreed by all the teams. Thats how we got the 04 debacle. The 03 sysstem was a mere novelty and has run its course. BRING BACK PROPER QUALIFYING.
  • There should be a fee qulaifying time with a minmi\um lap requirement. That way there is always someone on the track.

    107% is not a good idea especially with the small fields and the new teams coming in 2006. Imagine 6 cars not making it on to the grid because of Ferrari!!!
  • I beg to differ. 107% rule HAS to be reinstated. It will tell all people who think they can field a go cart in F1 that there is no place with pretenders. Slow cars make F1 look bad. Noone wants to see ANY car get lapped 3-5 times a race no matter what team it may be. It puts out a strong message to present and incoming teams what is expected of them if they want to compete in motorsports top category.
  • "The 03 sysstem was a mere novelty and has run its course."

  • 107% won't come back. I can name at least 2 teams that would block it unless you literally offered them the world.
  • Interesting, the 107% rule is a sporting reg. As such there is nothing to stop the FIA imposing it.
  • What section is it in?
  • Yup, bring it back.
  • Look the 107% rule would be a good thing for Minardi. Why you ask? Well it is all to easy when you know you don't have to worry about being within 107% to sit back and not try to make a fast car, or try to hire in the right people to make a faster car. With the 107% rule in place Minardi would have no choice but to take drastic measures to up the ante. If they can't cope with that, then I'm very sorry, and it goes for any team.........you do not deserve to be running in the premier formulae...after all this is called Formula One RACING..........
  • Even if 107% comes back in, the teams will still let us race away, to keep Stoddy happy.
    (If they unanimously agree, 107%+ cars can still race)
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