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Can you read French?

Staff :
Pilotes :
N°20 : Christijan Albers
N°21 : Patrick Friesacher
Pilote d'essais :
Chanoch Nissany
Equipe châssis (Minardi) :
Président, directeur exécutif : Paul Stoddart
Directeur général : Gian-Carlo Minardi
Directeur commercial : Paul Jordan
Team manager : Massimo Rivola
Responsable des médias : Graham Jones
Attaché de presse : Stefania Torelli
Directeur technique : Gabriele Tredozi
Ingénieur en chef : Andrew Tilley
Aérodynamicien en chef : Andrea Rocchetto
Mécanicien en chef : Paolo Piancastelli
Ingénieur piste #1 : Laurent Mekies
Ingénieur piste #2 : Riccardo Adami
Coordinateur avec le fournisseur moteur : Nigel Steer
Logistique : Domenico Sangiorgi
Arrivées : Christijan Albers (ex-Mercedes en DTM), Chanoch Nissany, Andrea Rocchetto (ex-McLaren), Patrick Friesacher
Départs : John Walton, Gianmaria Bruni, Zsolt Baumgartner, Bas Leinders
Click on this link: http://engineeringf1.free.fr/ Then click on 2005-season, scroll down to Minardi and click.
There are several names that you can click on to get more info.

For example,
Albers' race engineer was a motor engineer at Asiatech. When Asiatech left F1 he joined Minardi.
Rochetto is our new chief aerodymanicist ?????????? Is he any good??????

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  • Rochetto is our new chief aerodymanicist ?????????? Is he any good??????
    Off course he is - All Minardi staff are excellent !!:cool:
  • Paul Jordan is no longer with Minardi. Rocchetto was with Toyota prior to Minardi, I believe.
  • According to the article I quoted he was at McLaren !!
  • It's possible that he's working for his third F1 team...

  • Rochetto is our new chief aerodymanicist ?????????? Is he any good??????
    What happened to our old one???
  • Loic Bigois now works for Williams.
  • Loic Bigois now works for Williams.
    Quick Reply Jello.

    I know the PS04 wasn't the best tub in the world, but during it's in'car'nations
    (pun) its lap times did come down over the years. So Loic must not have been too bad a bloke with the budget he had?. Did he lay the groundwork for the PS05?
  • Loic was responsible for the PS02 and 03. Andy Tilley stood in for the 04B and the 05 until this guy was hired.
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