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Minardiu at Bologna Motor Show

From Faenza:




FAENZA, ITALY, December 2, 2004 – After an absence of a year, the Minardi F1x2 cars will be among the feature attractions at the 29th Annual Bologna Motorshow, starting this Sunday, December 5, at the Centro Fieristico Bologna.


Rather than simply providing a static display, however, the team and its drivers – on this occasion, popular Italian racers, Matteo Bobbi and Gabriele Lancieri – will be giving 50 passenger rides around the Motor Show’s specially constructed outdoor circuit, located in Area 48 of the exhibition centre.  The F1x2 runs will take place over four successive days, commencing on Sunday, with the lucky individuals nominated by Minardi commercial and technical partners.


“The team is very pleased once again to have a presence at the Bologna Motor Show and to be able to give a number of guests what will undoubtedly be the ride of a lifetime in a Minardi two-seater F1 car,” says Team Principal, Paul Stoddart.  “The F1x2 programme has always been about bringing the sport of Formula One closer to the fans, and after the Misano event last week, where the team provided rides to 112 passengers, it is very appropriate to bring what has been the most successful season ever for the Minardi two-seaters to a conclusion at the high-profile Bologna Show, which takes place close to the team’s Faenza factory.”


- Ends -


Minardi F1x2 provisional schedule, 2004 Bologna Motor Show

Sunday, December 5                      1055-1110 hrs

                                                           1400-1415 hrs


Monday, December 6                    1220-1250 hrs

                                                            1420-1450 hrs


Tuesday, December 7                    1215-1250 hrs

                                                           1420-1445 hrs


Wednesday, December 8               1350-1420 hrs





  • This is complete shit, it is a key stage of the year where a teams attention needs to be on the 2005 car....why is Minardi doing all this crap? Lets concentrate on the job in hand people. If Minardi had a decent sponsor guy instead of PJ who in my opinion ain't done jack, then Minardi could burn those cars!
  • Or sell them, preferably.
  • PS will sell jems from the past but hangs onto cars that are not even Minardi's......:mad:
  • ^(Quig actually used a smilie :o )
  • You are quite observant - and i am quite pissed about the sale of these cars. Well, that is the sale to people other than me.
  • Yep I'm with ya on that Emmitt. It is a sad situation where, through a team's inefficency, you sell it's soul, and that is EXACTLY what Paul Stoddart has done.........People say don't dwell on the past, but when the past is all you've got you've got to hold onto it. Anyway Minardi has always been about it's heritage, it's heart is in it's cars and it's people, to me selling pre 2001 cars is nothing short of criminal.........Does'nt worry me about selling post 2001 cars, thats when Minardi lost what it stood for..........
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