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  • Well, than let's just hope they can fix it next week at Mugello.....

  • So in the 2 day test, they have to sort out the gearbox reliability, get to grips with the new aero package, tease out any remaining mechanical glitches, and give Marchy Lee enough kms to qualify for his superlicence (as well as evaluate the size of his wallet).

    And then they have to finish and shakedown the 3rd chassis, and try and resolve the Trust/TDW contractual issue.

    And then get the e-shop up and running.

    While Stoddart continues to take on the might of the FIA.

    Busy busy busy.
  • I think that spiel about fixing the gearbox releasing speed is BS.
    Tredozzi said although the exterior of the car was different, the internals are similar to the 04B to simplify setup. Yes the gearbox casing is new, but even with trouble free running I don't see them shaving off more than tenths. Face it the car is just tto unstable in the slow and medium speed corners wher one looses all the time.
  • Don't worry about Marchy Lee (and Nissany) talking away valuable PS05 development time.

    They will only cruise around in the PS04B.

    Pat and Chris will lap the PS05 around!!!
  • Face it the car is just tto unstable in the slow and medium speed corners wher one looses all the time
    Ideed. The maximum speed however, is promising. Perhaps more downforce can be created be using Toyota/Jordan wings infront of the side-pods. They are ugley; but if it helps, it helps!


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  • Don't worry about Marchy Lee (and Nissany) talking away valuable PS05 development time.

    They will only cruise around in the PS04B.

    Pat and Chris will lap the PS05 around!!!
    Yeah, but I can't see them running around with 3 or 4 cars on track at once, can you? One finishes, another starts, that's the way it goes. :(
  • So, how are the testsessions done when 5 teamds test on the same track????
    TOIT waits untill the Mac is off track to send their car on track?????:o:rolleyes:
  • No, that's obviously not the way it goes Minardus - you've missed my point completely.

    We aren't TOIT. There's only so many technicians in the Minardi fold to monitor data and maintain the cars, so it seems pretty likely to me that you would see a maximum of 2 Minardi cars on track at one time. Thus Marchy Lee and Nissany will inevitably be taking valuable track time that frankly should be being devoted to the PS05 and it's development, not furthering Nissany's playboy lifestyle. :spank:

    But that's how things go I guess - they are effectively paying for our testing priveleges and thus will get what they paid for.

    And don't roll your eyes at me matey. ;)
  • I just tried to point out that you don't have to worry!!:)

    Maybe 1 PS05 and 1 PS04B will be on track the same time !!!!
    After that the other ones go out !!!

    Like that the engineers can fully concentrate on the PS05 data.
    The PS04B's don't have to be watched too much: not usefull and not experienced drivers (PS04B rolls only to keep the money rolling in) !!!!;)
  • Somebody is bullshitting somebody here.

    The car looks better from an aero point of view, but more importantly, Stoddart said that they had sorted the weight distribution problems and that engine has its CofG 50mm lower. It should have looked better in motion than the PS04, but it didn't.

    I don't buy that stuff about big time gains from the gearbox either. This thing has suspension geo problems cause it won't gho 'round corners.

    I'm not buying that engine power garbage either. The cars were not quick offf the line and when the Swervemaker passed Albers at one stage through the tamburello complex, it was goo-ood bye.

    I hope they make progress but I would be very skeptical that they have the base material.

    Ah, well.
  • Remember...

    If they don't have all the latest gearbox components, they may not be running the latest aero diffuser either (see TOIT redesign). Since most of the downforce is from underneath the car these days, this could make a huge difference.

    I'll reserve comment on speed 'till after they sort it out.
  • Short shifting all the way around the circuit can cause you to lose a tonnnnnn of time.

    Also, what does our friend within the team have to gain by bullshitting us? If he thinks there's 2 seconds to be found in the chassis then I have every reason to believe him.

    Also, our testing agreement keeps us from running more than 2 cars at a time.
  • And again, recording the second fasted top speed through the time trap is very promissing. Why? If a car goes really fast, you can ad downforce components to make it go quicker 'round corners. So laptimes will improve eventhough the topspeed will decline.
    If a car is slow at topspeed, you can ad what you want, but it will only make a car slower and slower.
    Given the fact that this car has only done 204 k's before Imola, it's obvious that it takes time some to find the right settings and aeropackage. So test, test, test. That's the mission. The speed is there: now we need to improve the handling.
  • I'm with selespeed on this one.
    We can trade some of the straight line speed for more grip in the corners.

    I don't think it's fair to judge the PS05 when it has had so little running. It may not have been as quick as we'd hoped at imola, but that doesnt mean its a fatally flawed design.

    I still think it will get us racing !!
    Forza Minardi
  • As Lease and Petrol have said, lap times are ruined in the slow stuff. The cars looked understeery/nervous into Villeneuve chicane.

    Traction out of Tosa wasn't bad but they're pulling hard up that hill (TV does it no justice) and they were short-shifting. Maybe that can be sorted so I'm keeping everything crossed.
  • honestly, what we saw in Imola would make me think we won't close that gap with jordan in the next 20 races

    But since a Minardi source said that we can gain 1,5-2 seconds... He said that the drivers were conservative, not pushing too much, trying to make as many laps as possible... who knows.
  • I remember the first outings this years Toyota had: very slow. After the new aeropackage arived, the car became substantially quicker; and I'm talking seconds here...
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