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Ralf demoted to 11th from 8th

Ralf Schumacher had 25 seconds added to his finish time. According to the stewards, his team released him from his second pitstop before it was safe to do so. This forced Nick Heidfeld to brake hard to avoid hitting Ralf.
So Ralf drops to 11th, Nick Heidfeld grabs 8th.

Also Buttons car was underweight at the parc ferme, but looks like avoiding punishment


  • Today you found out ????;)

    Btw, Toyota will appeal against the steward's ruling and the FIA will appeal against the other steward's ruling against BAR !!!!
  • Ummm.... this happened 3 days ago. :rolleyes:
  • 4eva cant help it, he lives in some far flung country somewhere!!! ;)
  • Well no fucker mentioned it on here. So how the hell was i to know it was announced days ago. :rolleyes:
  • Here's the post. It didn't get a full topic allocated to it.

    I posted it Monday night Australian time.
    I'd love to rest on that Walker, but it's actually 7 points all after the Williams/FIA appeal against Ralf's dangerous driving.

  • Toyota today decided NOT top appeal !!!!

    Bye, bye Ralf's point !!!!!:)
    Hello Nick's point !!!
  • How about BAR, underweight and cheating or cleaver design and racing??
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