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Faenza based goshawks?

This guy here

says that our banner was wrong and that it's a goshawk (or a tercel for that matter) and not a lion.

he saw the San Francisco flag on the track side


  • Can you translate it for those of us you are illerterate?
  • Yesterday after the GP I did the usual walk around the track when I saw a quite unusual -at least for me- group of supporters at Tosa. What caught my attention was a flag with the golden gate bridge on it. Having A closer look at it it said " Minardi Club San Fransisco"

    Today I found their Web site (with loads of pictures of their trip to Faenza last week. The craziest thing is their site's banner which includes a picture of the Piazza del Popolo and the inside of the A.Masini theatre at Faenza (but am I starting to get sentimental towards my home town?).

    I also found a picture of the group at Tosa, published on ForzaMinardi.com website who claim to be proud supporters of the Faenza based lions. Maybe because they don't know that the nice little animal prancing on their banner (a symbol of the Minardi team but above all of Faenza) is not a lion but a goshawk.

  • That's supposed to be a hawk ?????

    Since when do they have 4 legs and a long, thin tale ?????????
  • publicity is publicity, there is no bad publicity....!;)
  • if i really want i could see an agip dragon or a peugeot idontknowwhat but a goshawk?
    hmm, that's strange!

    maybe we have to drink some wine and eat some pasta from Faenza to see this goshawk :D
  • ''From - Minardi Magazine, Anno IX, N.1, Maggio 1998''

    ''The symbols of the earlier logo - the heraldic griffon complete with crown and sword''
    ''Thus the body of the lion - signifying strength, the crown - a symbol of power, and the sword - an unequivocal image of never-say-die fighting spirit''
  • image

    Definatley not a Goshawk.

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