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PS05 could be ready for Melbourne

"The team is working very hard to get the PS05 ready before the beginning of the season" Graham Jones told the dutch F1 magazine Racereport.
If it is not possible to start the season with the new car and the Cosworth TJ90 V10 (the same as Red Bull), Paul Stoddart will ask the other teams to make an exeption. But Graham Jones wants to emphasize that the people in Faenza are working hard to get the car ready for the Australian Grandprix.

They did it before. Let's hope the best.


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  • If any can pull it off it is non other than the Faenza Crew!

  • If any can pull it off it is non other than the Faenza Crew!

    Definately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets give them the support:D:D
  • If any can pull it off it is non other than the Faenza Crew!
    Yep! :D

    (The first thing you've said in weeks that I actually agree with)
  • Pure crap - you agree with me all the time. You want to BE me.

    As a matter of fact why don't I just post for you from now on?
  • Haven't you already got enough alias' ?
  • What - do you think I am f1f1, facty....
  • Someone must be using his noggin at the factory.
    The development of an interim chassis as well as the definitive 05 car was never on the table if Minardi are down on finances.
    Lets hope the cars got some potential and that the team sign one experienced driver who can do the baseline setup work!
  • That will be key Petrol. My gut tells me, though I don't have anything to back it up, that Zsolt was the better of the two in terms of setups and technical feedback and hence Stoddart being so keen to retain him.
  • I think there are 8 million other reasons Stoddart loves Zsolt. He's too slooooow.

    At last we're getting some good news on the engineering side. I thought last year actually showed some progress on that front (though the drivers' lack of pace and the woeful engine obscured it), and hopefully the guys at Faenza can keep it up.

    GCM will just have to get up earlier to open up the factory and switch the lights on.
  • Hope they dont rush the PS05 too much- that car has to last us the next 5 years;)
  • It should be possible to get it ready for OZ !!!

    They did it in 2001 !!!!
  • Emmett :
    You want to BE me.
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