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Any news from my english friends???


  • I was wondering the same thing.
  • another baby after Salvo's?
  • Should be 2. Viges and 'rule.
  • Nothing to report here yet, currently running 8 days late and the waiting is getting a little dull, should have more news by the weekend as we have to go back to the hospital on Saturday:(

    How's little Michele doing Salvo?
  • Michele is fine, he's growing up and he lets us sleep at night (more or less).
    Be patient, the stork is coming soon

    let us know soon!!!:D
  • let us know soon!!!:D
    You guy's will be amongst the first;)
  • Are they thinking of inducing?
  • Great news salvo and best wishes Dan.

    Lil' viges should be out in time to watch the Italian GP.
  • Are they thinking of inducing?
    Saturday if not before but looks like may be off to the hospital shortly.......
  • am the only one not expecting any stork.:(

    anyway, good luck to all stork - awaiting forza minardi families!:)
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