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Cosworth's new V8 hitting 21000 rpm



"With Minardi using the same Cosworth TJ2005 V10 engine next season, Cosworth are hoping that the development of it's V8 design will find a home in Formula One next season."

"Speaking to the official Champ Car World Series site, Cosworth and Champ Car co-owner Kevin Kalkhoven explained that Cosworth is in talks over its V8 supply for next season."

" "The V8 is up and running, with well over 700 horsepower at 21,000 revs ," Kalkhoven told Gordon Kirby. "It's going well. It's a great engine. We're in negotiations with a couple of teams at the moment and we'll see how it goes." "

" "It's hard to compete with the manufacturers that give away free engines and a lot of support. So it really depends on how important having an independent engine manufacturer is to Formula One or whether they want to be entirely in the hands of manufacturers." "

" "I've had a meeting with Bernie (Ecclestone). He was very helpful and came up with a lot of creative ideas. Whether or not we supply a complete engine, we'll supply a lot of stuff, particularly when you combine it with Pi." "

" "Obviously we would like to have the engine in Formula One," Kalkhoven continued. "You certainly go out of your way to create a competitive offer to teams, but in the final analysis, you can never exceed an offer that a manufacturer will make. We have a contract with our friends at Minardi, but that's not a front-running team." "


Do we have a contract for next year ?


  • We do. For V10's at the moment. Hopefully Paul Stoddart will hit the lottery.


    Video of the V8 on the dyno, by the way.
  • When you think about it, using the de-rated V10 in a chassis that still has some(?) development in it, whilst watching the direction of the development of the V8 cars has merit, from a financial point of view.

    What is clear is that although we don't furtively talk of imminent financial collapse in this place these days, the times of having a new car every season to accommodate the rule changes every season are definitely not yet with us.

    Here's a prediction (though no-one ever remembers them when they turn out to be right), Judas (whatever it is called next year) will run V10s in '06 as well.
  • Look if he doesnt like the V8 he can get out........:P
  • Look if he doesnt like the V8 he can get out........:P
  • actually if you look at the speedo it only hitting 280Km/h. That is not too flash, even by our standards.
  • That's not a speedometer. Notice it hits 250 at peak and then 280 on deceleration. More likely would be coolant temp (but only in Farenheit) or exhaust gas temperature.
  • That would be engine oil temperature. Exhaust gas would be well over 2000 degrees.
  • Good points.

    Seems odd that they'd have oil temp as one of the larger readouts there.
  • Checking out the times at Jerez yesterday, Panis who was testing the V8 was a good 5 to 6 seconds slower than the V10. I truly believe that if the areo regs change next year and by some miracle that we would be able to run a V8 that the gap should close. Stoddy has to do something and soon. There is no question that the Qualifying format will change next year and most likely back to unlimited laps. If we do not have a V8 and updated chasis the gap will only increase during qualifying runs in an unlimited lap format.
  • Panis and Pizzonia both had failures with very few laps. I look at those times with a grain of salt.
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