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Friesacher is out

Well, I don't think that there's much to say, RJ also put it on the Frontpage (allthough I think that the title I would have chosen would be much cooler - and also an alliteration :cool: )

My money for the secound cockpit is on Dornboss - PAtricks Manager is looking for a possibility to let Patrick drive in Formula-1, so I guess he will exchange his place with Robert.


  • F1Racing.net says Doornbos has already signed a pre-contract.

    I think Doornbos can be as fast as Friesacher. I'd be surprised if he'd beat Christijan anytime this season though.

    [Edited on 17/7/2005 by Stan]
  • I read on German RTL teletext that there are rumors that Haider (Kärnten governor) would get money from some middle eastern personality.
    Can't remember if they said Arafat or Ghadafi !!!!!:P
  • for some odd reason he has good connections with the middle east. al jazeera once did a one hour live interview with him.
  • Rafael, I think it's difficult Haider to get money from Arafat. He's been dead for 8 months!

    My money is on Doornbos too, but it would be nice to see the old Jewish playboy making his F1 debut at 42! (older than Alesi, Herbert, Irvine, Salo, Lehto, Blundell....all names of a far away past!)
  • I think that Nissany wil be the third driver...
  • Or maybe one of the Jamaican bobsleighteam?
  • why not Lavaggi?
  • OK Manlio, so it was Ghadafi !!!!

  • i want to see Can Artam on the minardi seat
  • i want to see Can Artam on the minardi seat
    Can Artam??

    does Minardi have so many spare parts??
  • maybe it's time to say an auf Wiedersehen Patrik, servus!

    I read some interesting thing about Zsolt's chances. He hasn't got enought money to get the contract more than 2 races, and he doesn't want to come back at any price. Just if he gets a good contract.
  • Maybe Zsolt can come in for Germany and Hungary.
    After that another driver with a budget can drive !!
  • i want to see Can Artam on the minardi seat
    Stop voting for him in the survey, Cettepe :hehe:
  • dont worry im not the only one voting...
  • no, he brought his friends from some Turkish chat:hehe: good guys!
  • tell them to click on a banner every now and then:angel:
  • well forzaminardi, its somehow a support for Can.
    www.turkiyef1.com its our web site
  • nice site, the only thing missing is a link to ForzaMinardi.com :P
  • haha ok, i'll talk to the IT stuff :)
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