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Doornbos or Friesacher?

Just to kick off some debate in here. Should we be happy with the changes made or is it unfair that Patrick was shown the door? Discuss: (let's get some debate started in here)


  • actually i agree with u about kicking off a debate about Freishacher, i think the point here is how much we expecting from our drivers and the car. honestly and unfortunately we dont have a competitive car in comparision to other teams
    we cant even race with Jordan. in my opinion we should discuss not the drivers, better for us to discuss how we can have a "better" car.
    but ur rite its a question mark about Freischaer.
  • Patrick did a fanstastic job at the beginning of the season (Malaysia, Monaco), but the last races, he wasn't that good anymore. I don't like the deccision to fire him and I doubt that Robert will do a better job, but we have to wait until sunday to judge,.
  • Friesacher wasn't paying, and had proved unable to keep up with Albers. Why keep him under such circumstances?

    Doorknobs seems at least competent. Unless we have someone offering a truly amazing stack of cash, we need someone to push Albers along, keep him on his toes.

    There may also be a certain amount of potential looking to next year to keep one or other of the Dutchmen, and some of the Dutch sponsors.
  • Doornbos will have problems keeping up with Albers the first few races for sure. Albers has been a lot quicker when compared to his teammate than I could ever have guessed at the start of the season.

    Let's hope Christijan gets a little more competition after a race or two :) If these two can push eachother we might get a little closer to Jordan again.
  • So here is a team that's been burnt so many times with sponsors and drivers a like when it comes to payment.

    Shame for Pat, who seems like a pretty nice guy. He's just been screwed. But hey business is business and sometimes you have to roll with the punches.

    But why does this always happen to us? Can we only attract drivers with dodgy sponsors. I don't see Narian or Tiago having issues?

    Also does this mean we'll have Trust back on our cars?
  • I doubt Trust are allowed to sponsor any F1 team.
  • Especially with Minardi, money talks and bullshit walks, we all know that. Too bad for Friesacher, but I can't really say I was impressed with him.

    There's something about Doornbos, I suspect he'll be quick immediately. He looks like he's in his place in Formula 1. Gets on well with everyone, hasn't made any big stupid mistakes, is quite quick.
    I think he'll prove Cristijan is a good driver, but not an exceptional one.:cool:

    I for one am looking forward to the duels!

    And I sure hope he'll beat Karthikeyan in a race, after the arrogant comment he made towards Doornbos.
  • I hope for all the best for Patrick..... everyone who attended Minardifest '05 and the MCSF pit visit at Indy can testify on what a nice guy he is. His drive at Indy was not too shaby as he had lost 1st and 2nd gear very early in the race......maybe some of the posters here want to dis him but he had the respect of the Minardi mechanics....... On a personal note, I appreciate his taking the time at Indy to autograph pics I took of him at Imola....they are hanging proudly on my grandson's wall...... again, best of luck Patrick......

    Welcome Robert..... make us proud......
  • It is diapointing to lose PF halfway through a season.

    Albers appears to have more speed in recent races but after the first few races it looked to me that Pat was the faster driver.

    I think PF is unlucky not to have a full season with Minardi to prove himself.

    Doorknobs looks to be a competent driver but I beleive he has a contract to race for midland next season.
    That will hinder his involvement with any development work.

    We don't want our secrets going with him to our arch rival:spank:
  • as said before, the only secret we have at the moment is Fabiana's mobile number
  • I suppose it's just frustrating to everyone to have a driver change in mid-season. hard for the guys to knwo how the car needs set up from a new drivers feedback... etc etc. I really do think the only solution is some long term money commitments to lock in with a a driver or two.

    Here here to patrick!

    Doornbos, the proof's in the puddin! Good Luck to him as well..

    ...and I really think I need to need in on that cell phone secret. Great Story from the USGP. This TOIT fan I met at the race saw Fabiana walking through the local mall on her cell phone and she was speaking Italian... except for a couple words... acorriding to him it was "blah blah blah, blah blah, vicotria's secret, blah blah" I think that visual image is good.
  • Doorknobs looks to be a competent driver but I beleive he has a contract to race for midland next season.
    Where did you hear that?
  • you get that idea when reading his statement between the lines
  • I'm sorry PF is gone, but good luck to Robert.

    I see Kiesa will be driving Jordan's third car... do we care? :o
  • Friesacher Eyes Jordan Seat
    Written by: Cassio CortesKlagenfurt, Austria – 7/20/2005

    After becoming Formula 1’s latest addition to the unemployment ranks, ex-Minardi racer Patrick Friesacher has revealed his intent to land elsewhere in the grid as soon as possible.

    Due to a lack of sponsorship, the Austrian got replaced by Robert Doornbos at Paul Stoddart’s team, with the Dutchman now expected to race until this season’s end alongside Christijan Albers.

    Albeit disappointed by Minardi’s decision, Friesacher vowed to return to an F1 cockpit still in 2005.

    "Sure, I'm really sorry about what happened but I do understand Minardi's situation," he stated on his personal website. "I would like to thank my team for all the support. I really felt good with the team and gained some friendships.

    "My manager Thomas Frank and I will [now] go through the further course of action. For the next step we look forward to get a Formula 1 cockpit for the current season. In addition we work on a 2006 Formula 1 package."

    If the Austrian is to return to action before next year, the only realistic possibility is none other than Doornbos’ former seat at Jordan, where the Dutchman performed Friday testing duties on selected Grands Prix.

    Friesacher expects to announce a decision on his future “within the next few days.”
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