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Nissany's Super Licence revoked

Got to wonder who was responsible for granting the licence in the first place. The guy was a liabilty on the track!


  • Anti-semetic conspiracy :o
  • Max is a Nazi
  • Bad deal on Minardi's part IMO. Nothing against the guy but he is too old, too slow and has zero experience in Euro open class cars - well none that qualifies him for being anything but a spectator at an F1 race.
  • sense has provailed.
  • Dont think anyone will be saying much to his face-there was an article in the times saying he is ex Israeli special services.
  • Absolutely right that he should not have been granted in the first place.

    As for cancelling it after one session - pure malice. Max looks more and more like a naughty schoolboy in everything that he does. Despicable.
  • Autosport did a feature on him which didn't take the piss too much, thankfully. Nissany denied ever being in Mossad, like we care.
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