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Your opinions on the Turkish Circuit

Is it any good or has Mr Tilke cocked it up again?


  • 6/10 so far - drivers say they like it but then they said the same the first time they were at Bahrain and have since blasted it.

    Elevation changes are a good thing but comparisons to Spa and Interlagos are fanciful.

    Thus far, of the new circuits, I would place it level with Sepang. Shanghai on top.

    Here's Jenson:

    The big left-hander round the back is a fantastic experience,".

    "We pull about four Gs. It's not too hard physically yet but I'm sure it will be in the neck.

    "We have only been doing shorter runs - our longest run was 14 laps. I saw a couple of drivers with their heads going a bit so it is hard.

    "It's anti-clockwise as well so you are working the opposite side of your neck to normal. You can only train so much to make your neck stronger.

    "It's a great circuit to drive and I think we are all enjoying it. I knew when I came here first of all that the lay-out was good but now it's finished I really like it.

    "There are a few corners we haven't seen before so that makes it challenging. I am really enjoying myself."

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  • Yes, t doesn't seem too bad. I found it amusing that Bernie had input into the track. Clearly he does not have full faith in Herr Tilke!
  • It still looks a little 'car-park' like due to al the safety tarmac all over the shop (why not reintroduce that pleasant, only slightly more dangerous thing called grass onto run-off areas?). Besides that, the circuit is actually very good, and far more of a challenge than say, Hockenheim.

    It's the 2nd best Tilke's done, after Malaysia. Turn 8 is (dare I say it?) rapidly becoming a classic corner, with it's 4 parts and difficulty rating. Button, Villeneuve, Schumacher, Sato and others have got it wrong so far there this weekend, in practice and/or qualifying.

    Last 3 turns looked mickey-mouse until I saw the GP2 race and saw cars 3-a-breast trying to get through. Two collided and one was put out of the race, but it was great fun. The GP2 race eas the best since Imola, actually. And Imola was only really exciting because most of the GP2 the drivers had no front brakes after 2 laps!
  • Not a bad track.. The GP2 cars put one over the F1 cars though, as there was lots of fighting in Saturday's race (didn't see the Sunday one). F1 was more entertaining than usual, but GP2 seems to bring out the drivers more.

    It's clear that the playing field in F1 needs to become more level if we want the entertainment to improve.
  • Great GP, I now think this is the best by miles of Tilke's tracks. Elevation changes/blind corners are the key - and going anti-clockwise, of course.

  • Circuit obviouslt better than Bahrein and Shangai, except the Shangai's show off media towers on the start-finish.
    Sepang is also looks good but honestly istanbul park is exciting than it.
  • I think this is the best of the "new" tracks. I hope it remains as part of the series and they toss out the USGP - this way I'll HAVE to travel similar distances and get to see OOD tracks!
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