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Team tactics?

What on earth was that all about. Why did they start from the pits only to pit again 4 laps later. Did anyone have a more comprehensive analysis in his commentary?


  • After the first lap both Minardis were lossing 5/6 seconds a lap from the rest of the field. It looks like they both had full wets on. Bad call considering where the Jordans ended up.
  • My words exactly. We beat Jordans in the qualifying and now they were in points. It could've been us... :(
  • it had been a very bad weekend, and to top it up, in the end, we lost a point to Jordan which should really have gone to us. RAI got an interview with GCM before the race and he said we are going to risk by exiting with a full rain tyres. It was not a very good idea as one can see. But who knows what what have happened if it rained at the start? We could have ended in the points. But it was very risky and the result didn't come.
  • It was FRIGGEN pouring at the GP2 race! red flagged the end... cars spinning out everywhere. The clouds where black and full of rain throughout most of the race. Everyone thought it was goin to pour. A buddy if higbid's called him from the UK saying that not more than 1/2 hour into the race there was A MAJOR STORM brewing..Who KNEW?

    Like the press prealease said.. "we gambled we lost" Massimo said the exact same thing to me at the end of the race. "hey, you roll the dice you know..."
  • Yeah, but low fuel? What was the reason for that? It was much better to start the race with lots of fuel on board, with wets or intermediates it doens't matter. Was it to impress Red Bull to get a deal done?
    Who knows.

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  • Stupid decision. Absolutely stupid!

    Everything to lose, and nothing to win on that one. I hope we find out one day, who is actually responsible for these ridiculous race strategies.
  • Christijan was not happy with that decision at all! I think it was PS choice.
  • I had heard it was for a tire change... wets to intermed's; fuel was added as a result. At least that was my understanding.. they put fuel in BECAUSE they had to change the tires. they where like 5 seconds off on lap time..

    Christian certainly has a good head on his shoulders and should probably make a lot of money as his career continues
  • That Monteiro fellow doesn't miss a trick does he?

    Can Minardi take credit for him?

  • he sems to have some talent... I think we where surprised at the race by that. I commented that to higbid and we both thought that he was being lapped... obviously he wasn't whcih we discoverd in the final 12 laps when we actually paid attention to the order on the jumbotron. For me it was "wow! wtf!"
  • Sometimes it's good to gamble. But yesterday we made us look like idiots. We don't have to be so desperate, we aren't the slowest ones on the grid. We should have trusted more ourselves, we can beat the Jordans :mad:

    We took many unnecessary risks.

  • Yes, putting full wets on when it's not raining properly is silly
    + we had qualified in front of Jordan + if you are going to gamble like that DO IT WITH ONE CAR.
  • yes we should have done it with at least one car.

    It's really hard to support Minardi.
  • It's really hard to support Minardi
    Ha ha ha. I don't buy that from you. As a social-democrat you love underdogs and being a fan of it. And, as a bonus, you've got your 2000 posts Neil ;)
  • you don't believe me but i support AC Milan in soccer that are funded by Silvio Berlusconi the Italian face of heartless capitalism.

    what's that for conflict of interest!:D
  • Neil_s = Neil_schizo ??
    BTW, you should support Palermo!
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