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  • Clap Clap, well done RJ

  • This thing is gaining legs..

    Everyone is posting this. Well done to all.

  • Everyone is posting this.
    SPEED TV keeps pulling mine - I found out that they are pissy about having any other web sites mentioned on their site.
  • RJ

    Excellent....... a big thank you to all who have been working so hard to get out the word.........you are all special...........
  • Great :)

    Will add this to the war list immediately...hell, I wanted to go to bed 2 hours ago.

    We really need to counter the myths:

    - Many people I encountered on the boards have that buying a team automatically means changing its name. (I will try to counter this in the upcoming FAQ).

    - If Red Bull answers the own the team and can do what they want, we can say

    "Look, if you have that much money, why didn't you start your own NEW team instead of buying Minardi ?"

    Toyota did this and didn't have to bother with petitions from angry fans...

    Did RB want to save the $ 40 M entry free for new F1 teams ?

    Yes, but they didn't think about the guerilla FM.com fans bonus gift...

    You get what you pay for :)

    [Edited on 15/9/2005 by bladerunner]
  • Bravo RJ :D

    And forza Planetf1 for not pulling any punches :spank:
  • never really knew your full name, just RJ or Robert Jan, but anyway.. Well done!!!
  • ^^Have you been living under a rock?

    The RJ I know is a shameless self-promoter :hehe:
  • drinking red bull to keep studying ! JAKKKKKKK

    so what is the rate per hour of signatures please RJ, ? I need this info to put on an article on next Sunday's paper.

    (So please reply immediately as I am writing it!)

    any other comments you wish to add,
    hey I want some exlusive comments from the man himself, RJB!
  • RJB, I don't want to depress you but do you know that in your intials there is THE DRINK THAT SUCKS!!!!!
    (R - B):(
  • Nice one RJ! Is there a way of sending links to all this stuff to Mateschitz?
  • very, very nice work RJ :D
  • Well done RJ.

    lets hope redbull listen.
  • dropping steadily but all in all we had two signatures a minute
  • nothing was gonna stop me sign.
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