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Frau Ralf Sez:

Last Updated: Saturday, 18, December, 2004, 11:24

Ralf Schumacher has been accused of driving ‘like a woman’ – by his wife.

Cora Schumacher lifted the lid on her husband’s problems on the road – and with parking in particular.

Speaking on a German TV show, Cora said: “There have been a number of little accidents when it comes to getting into and out of parking spots.

“Ralf causes the sort of accidents you might expect from women drivers.”

Cora said that things had got even since worse Ralf traded in his BMW for a Toyota, which is not equipped with parking sensors.

She said: “Ralf was waiting for the beep to let him know how close he was to the car behind him — but we heard a different noise.”


  • Ya ya , this coming from a chick who used to make porno flicks.
  • rotfl... Didn't she tell anything new?
  • Wow....she's almost totally shaved as well!
    Now I want to see Corinna naked!
  • salvo clicked the link, and is currently saying 100 Hail Marys.
  • salvo clicked the link, and is currently saying 100 Hail Marys.
    Post of the months
    Wow....she's almost totally shaved as well!
    Now I want to see Corinna naked!
    Not a very common thing in Italy, I know... :hehe::hehe::hehe:

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  • RJ, if we want to start a discussion about women's hair, I think Austrians and Germans (apart from Cora Schumacher of course) should be the first to just keep silent......:D:hehe:
  • think Austrians and Germans should be the first to just keep silent
    Have you ever seen Claudia Schiffer? Or Michaela Schaffrath (but that's another story.....)
  • Yes Homer, i know Claudia Schiffer and Michaela Schaffrath, but I've never seen them personally, I've only seen many German ladies (and young beautiful girls as well) with big hairy pussies and armpits on the beach in Italy, Croatia, Greece, or in the saunas in Germany....
  • I'd say it's not true and that Italy is worse but hey, who am I...
  • well, first class stuff.
    I'm impressed, especially by the second last one.

    P1, I don't know your confidence with the item, but as for me, I'm quiet used to it.:cool:

  • p.s. Manlio's right


    German women are hairy but the English aren't

    German and Austrian women are the hairiest in Europe according to a new study.

    It also found that British women are those most likely to shave.

    Gillette looked into the habits of women in 13 European countries.

    It found 75% of British women admitted to shaving their legs while only 33% of Germans said they regularly shaved.

    Germany ranked equal last place alongside Austria - 67% of women in both countries said they did not remove their underarm hair.

    Spanish and Italian women lie just behind the British with 70% regularly shaving.

    Women in eastern European countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary are more or less equally divided over shaving.
  • pffff must be Tuscany then...
  • Very interesting salvo, very intersting.......

    BTW: forza, what about my avatar and my sig?
  • got it, need to resize it...
  • Ah, the sig works, thnx!
  • I can't believe Euro-chicks have a significant % that don't shave! I think it would be like 2% in Oz.
  • Not a very common thing in Italy, I know... :hehe::hehe::hehe:
    Didn't any of you catch this?

    RJ..... what, preytell are you referring to?

    Names, dates , times PICTURES..we want it ALL!
  • You should really start thinking about setting up a webcam RJ.
  • I'm gonna go hide under the bed; Someone email me when this thread is over :shudders:

    Edit: I can't type for shit :P

    [Edited on 20/12/2004 by Clown]
  • I think we have found a weak spot in ol' Clown.

    Now...how to exploit it?
  • Fetish sites.
  • Lets get to work.
  • If it came from gillette it probably didn't take into account, waxing, plucking or burning of hair.
  • I didn't want to f**k her anyway RJ, so I don't know what your point is.

    Is it that 'glams' can be hairy? No shit, that's why i'll find out first.

  • sorry, I didn't know I would destroy a childhood dream here...
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