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Sauber to keep name in 2006

Today BMW registered its team for 2006, and Mario Theissen confirmed its name will be BMW Sauber F1, as a thank to the 300 Sauber employees who developed the 2006 car.
Probably BMW also knows the team will not be particularly competitive in 2006, so they don't want to spend the name directly (as Renault did in 2001 with Benetton)

Still, they behaved in a much more sensible way than Red Bull.....


  • I heard the news as well... what a great gesture by BMW!
  • Uups, delete my topic then...Manlio was quicker :)

    Meanwhile, I post this again here...in contrast to the good BMW news, look at the sad rumors concerning ex-Minardi:

    The lastest rumour suggests that VW's Audi offshoot would provide engines to Red Bull Racing and Squadra Toro Rosso in 2008. If that is successful, so goes the theory, the German car manufacturer would then take over Squadra Toro Rosso and run the team with Volkswagen branding. [....] In Austria there is already talk that Red Bull is going to develop a technology park for Volkswagen at the A1 Ring and logically this would mean that one or both teams would be relocated to Austria which would fit in with Mateschitz's desire to be a national hero in his home land.


    Is Minardi now the official Italian zombie team ? Bought off and re-branded every 2-3 years.

    Kudos to BMW !

    Great gesture by the calm, collected Germans :)

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  • Forza BMW Sauber!

    Seen it, Mr. Mateschitz?
  • I'm on the verge of sending these &/*ç&&*ç& a cynical letter...
    Dear PR droids at Red Bull,

    Thanks for your educative letter on your strong brand needs and Red Bull being a "marketing-driven" company.

    However, I just read that a little German car company (we heard it's called BWM) dares -gasp !- to disagree with you.

    They just decided - being an auto company and just having one F1 team and all that - to keep the Sauber name as part of their brand name in F1.

    In short, BMW - even without a petition from Sauber fans - shows style and emphathy for the Sauber heritage and fans.

    That's classy, you're not classy. Instead of giving Minardi wings, you cut them off.

    In order to preserve order in the known universe according to your marketing teachings, we can offer a solution to this dilemma : Buy this "BMW" (we heard it's publicly traded) and immeditaly rename the team "Roter Bulle". This way, your marketing thesis and genius is revealed and applied to its true style against traitors who dare to keep names and heritage intact.


    Just a moron from some Internet board

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  • Theat's GREAT! Send it! :D :hehe:
  • I say send it too.
  • Will have to remove all the typos when I have time...but maybe it's really good idea to send it in.

    Since they apparently won't even talk about the name change decision in detail or al the signatures anyway, so there's no need to be "constructive" any longer (just my opinion :)
  • Not at all, let the war begin!

    Hey, and as a German, I know a lot about wars! Not as much as the US-Guys, but anyway....

  • Ya the US know how to win, save peoples ass, piss off millions, get stuck in bad situations for long periods, point missiles and outspend the enemy, and be paranoid. Also train people that later hate us. So ya tons of experience all over the spectrum.

    Maybe this war the Germans can finally win one.
  • Hey, in 1871, we kicked France into the ass!

  • Ok, but even Mexico beat the French. Only 1871 though? Im pretty sure we had to come in an save the French's ass after some other asswhoopings dealt by the Germans. Maybe a new country motto, Beating the French Since 1871.
  • Bravo to BMW! (Sauber gemacht :D)

    @ bladerunner: nice mail, send it!
  • In the tradition of Frederick the Great, send the letter.
  • there must have been some petition by matt...
  • In addition to supporting Minardi, I support Chester City (been taken over twice in past 10 years), and I've used an Amiga (bought out four times in 10 years), now I'm seeing Minardi go through the third takeover of sorts in ten years. That's if you include the Rumi part-ownership.

    It's all my fault. If I didn't support Minardi none of this would ever have happened.

    I just have a takeover curse wrapped around me.
  • Ay Telstar, but appart from 1871, we lost the other wars at the end.
    Beating the French Since 1871
    Gotta love it!
  • Ay Telstar, but appart from 1871, we lost the other wars at the end.

    [quote]Beating the French Since 1871
    Gotta love it! [/quote]

    Ya but only because for some reason we decided to save the French.
  • "ya, but only because for some reason we decided to save the French"

    Gee, maybe the fact that the French provided $$$, troops, and their navy to help us win something known here in the states as the Revolutionary War?????

    Yes, the French can be a PITA..... but I shudderat the thought of us still under the thumb of the likes of Viges and his ilk........... (excluding Ste and Minardirule ,who are fine chaps....)
  • You'd love it. You'll come round.

    Forza Her Majesty.
  • Stop arguing, guys, it's too late. In a few years we'll all be under the thumbs of the Chineses.
  • I'll have a 43.
  • Stop arguing, guys, it's too late. In a few years we'll all be under the thumbs of the Chineses.
    Or praying 5 times a day facing East.

    Or have our heads chopped off.

    Maybe chopping heads off.

    In a world without Minardi anything can happen.
  • I wouldn't dislike to pretend to be a Muslim and chop Mateschitz's head off.
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