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Developments at Faenza.

Look like the new outfit will be running on michelin rubber. I presume that Red Bull have paid off the outstanding debts Minardi had with Michelin. Whether this is a precursor to running the RB1 chassis , we'll have to see. Surely it does'nt make sense to change tyre suppliers and then run the PS05?
Anyone here heard any other news from their sources?


  • Read that the technical team is due to be doubled.
  • I can't see any real problem with running the PS05 on michellin rubber.

    The suspension would have to be adjusted but I cant imagine it would be that difficult. Especiallty when you consider tyres are developed throughout the year for different tracks.
  • It's a little more than that. Supposedly Michelin has it's teams run a weight distribution that's completely opposed to Bridgestone's philosophy.
  • They want Michelins, but there's no point running the PS05 on them. I get the feeling the tyre choice is waiting for the green light to run the RBR1 - which I hope they don't get, of course, because using an off the peg car would be the end of F1 as we know it.
  • I thought using the old Jaguar was a fact?
  • Austrian media is reporting today tht the team will be called Scuderia Torro Roso, because "Squadra!" sounds too much like a football-team.

    Why can't they just call it "Minardi Torro Roso"? :( :spank:
  • I thought using the old Jaguar was a fact?
    It hasn't been given the okay yet..

    Really, if you let them use the RB1 then why not let them use the new RB car?
  • because that would be without precedents, but Ligier back in the 90s did use an old benetton car, not publically of course but who cares
  • I guess these days FIA is looking more seriously to chassis buyout. It is been repeated in the media that Aguri-Honda cannot use the BAR chassis and, less often, that Minardi cannot use the RB01. I'm not sure if they can simply walkover all this. This was not the scenario in Ligier days, when really no one cared.

    On the other hand, remenber when BAR changed to Michelin, they didn't exactly started from scratch and gained performance in seconds, not in thents. So it is not impossible that the PS05 can be still developed, considering still that the development staff will stay.

    Probably the best thing to do is to compare both chassis on track. I would put my money on the PS05.

    By the way, where is Brunner these days?

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    [Edited on 20/11/2005 by Nuvolari]
  • brunner is still with toyota to my best knowledge

    but c'mon, they raise a sidepod here and add gurney there and they sell it as a STR06, they still have to build it themselves anyway. remember the prost exhausts when they were using ferrari engines??
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