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Toro Rosso building new car for 2006

From Autosport -
Toro Rosso building new car for 2006

By Jonathan Noble & Michele Lostia December 7th 2005, 10:43 GMT

Scuderia Toro Rosso have quelled concerns about which car they will be racing with next season by confirming they are building their own chassis for 2006.

The Italian outfit caused a few raised eyebrows in testing at Barcelona last week when they kicked off their winter programme by running Red Bull Racing's RB1 chassis.

Rival teams were worried because Formula One's Concorde Agreement rules out teams from running other team's old cars - and insists they must design and manufacturer the chassis themselves.

That would have meant Toro Rosso would have been breaking the rules if they had opted to run the RB1 in 2006 – and it could have led to early season controversy.

However, although autosport.com understands that the team initially hoped to run the RB1 in 2006, the team have now opted to build their own car because of the strict constructor regulations.

Red Bull Racing's technical operations director Gunther Steiner told Gazzetta dello Sport: "It (the RB1) won't be the car with which Toro Rosso will start next season. The car that debuts in Bahrain will be fully built in Faenza.


  • ...and will be better than the RB01.
  • and the RB02.
  • hell yes !!!:D

    Go Faenza
  • Sadly, the lump will mean there can be no comparison.
  • Sadly, the lump will mean there can be no comparison.
    I dont get ya? I think this is great for the guys in Faenza a proper budget it's the chance they have been waiting for.
  • I think the real shit will hit the fan when they build a car for next year that incorporates a V10 engine.

    They have the money now for v8's. It is against the spirit of the law for them to build a new car around v10's.

    This will blow up in their face if they are not careful, especially if they do well.
  • Exactly, Manni.
  • I agree, but personally I do not buy much this spirit of the law thing. Look, they just made the law, it's a bit stupid start talking about the spirit of the law two days after it's written. Write it rightaway in its own spirit, damn!

    And, Faenza has more money now but it is probably still one of the smaller budgets.

    If people think V10's are such a big deal (which I don't, I only feel it's a good choice for small teams, but it will take its toll later on the season), use it. Everyone's alowed.

    Now, if the PS06/TR01 or whatever is faster than the RB02, then will see something hitting the fan...
  • Liuzzi already said that the V8 engines are faster than the V10's. They (the ones running with V8's) all passed him on the main straight as if he was standing still. He thinks STR will get some points because they will have the most reliable engine, not the fastest. Liuzzi was talking about a power loss of 25%. That's a lot!

    But if it will be faster, the FIA will restrict the engine even more.
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