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Read the comment!!

Guys, read the comment James put on the front page regarding my "article" there.

Thanks for giving us your version! As Viges said earlier, Williams are now the only true privateer outfit together with Super Aguri and should get our support.


  • I just remembered that we used to have another "Jim" that left Faenza for Williams - JetSetJim if I remember correctly.

  • Well, Super Aguri is Honda. I'd say receiving engines and sponsorship from Honda makes you Honda.

    I really don't know who I'm going to support. I might just use the NASCAR style, which is drivers and not teams. There are no teams that I really like right now, but I like Albers, Monteiro, Heidfeld, and Sato. Williams is a privateer, but I don't really like Webber much and I don't know anything about Rosberg.
  • I really don't know who I'm going to support. I might just use the NASCAR style, which is drivers and not teams.
    Same here, because the drivers I'd like to see do well don't overlap with the teams I quite like. I'd be happy to see Albers and Montiero prosper but have no love for their team. It's the other way round with Sato and Davidson at Super Whatsit - no problem with the team, don't like the drivers at all. Biggest problem for me will be wanting to cheer DC - my favourite driver - while similtaneously booing his car. Might be a problem, that one, unless he gets out and walks.
  • Seems to me that the situ in Faenza must be pretty bad. Those are some rather strong words that James has used to descrbe RBR.

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  • RJ, send me an email. I got a picture to send back to you
  • tried to but the message bounced... email me at minardi@Aon.at

    i only have your mac.com address which seems to be not working
  • I found the comment that we should support Williams as they're about racing and engineering rather disengenius as Minardi ceased to be like that after 2002.
  • Forza Ferrari, why support an english team when I am live a few kilometres away from Italy!?

    Let's hope we see Kimi Raikonnen joining the cavallino rampante soon!

  • I found the comment that we should support Williams as they're about racing and engineering rather disengenius as Minardi ceased to be like that after 2002.
    You're confusing Paul Stoddart with Minardi.
  • I've been saying we should get behind Williams as the last true privateer for some time now. :rolleyes:

    Nice to see you beginning to think my way finally, RJ. ;)
  • I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I wanted to give my two cents.

    I'm still behind Scott Speed in '06, but I'm increasingly divided over just how much support I'm willing to give. For example, do I buy any of his swag, knowing full well that it will likely be plastered with RB logos? (If Speedgear really does love me, they'll sell an independent Speed line of merch, as they've done in the past for Villeneuve and Montoya)

    Chances are, I'll just bring the flag with me to Indy this season, and forego any RB signage. Everything I've seen from the Bull this offseason has reminded me of every large, heartless multinational corporation I've ever worked for. I've come around since my earlier "sell-out" statements, and have no love to give to their corporate machine.

    As for the team I'll follow this year, I've thrown my lot in with Williams during past title runs (mostly over my hate of those red bastards (see 1997, 2003) and their past employment of the endearing oaf HHF) and now that Frank & Co. are free of Munich's influence, they are without the stain of the manufacturer-run teams (I'm looking at you, Aguri).
  • Must say that James' email/comment must of come in a fit of drunkeness. Just doesn't sound professional at all. Can we be sure it is him???

    It just sounds so naff. I can't buy this as being genuine. If it is then it doesn't say much of the guy. What will he say of Williams when he leaves there? And how does he know Williams are a great team after 1 week/1 day/ 1 minute in the job?
  • Thats a little rough Manni - however this mass exodus to another Team is ludicrous. If a person can change your loyalty that fast then their character is in question IMO.
  • Rough, but I am not sure how genuine it is. How do we know it is him?

  • I think that RJ has done his DD in regards to the authenticity of the article.
  • I'm pretty sure it's James as he registered that nic soon after I sent him a text message earlier that day...
  • I didn't see anything out of order in the comment. With news of a new car, I was starting to get used to becoming an STR fan, but no. It's now clear that our suspicions of RedBull were totally correct. They have bought the entry - the team and staff were unwelcome baggage. They'll be carried for 2 years, then unceremoniously dumped. Any Stoddart apologists should bear in mind that he did have other options for sale.

    There is no point switching to another team, because F1 itself is terminally ill. Customer cars (ie 2 divisions), V8 engines, Tilke venues, the corporate hospitality machines, PR, drivers groomed from karting only to waste their chance as third drivers or worse, celebrities, Junior teams, bungs to TOIT from the governing body, ripoff merchandising, Indy '05, ripoff ticket prices, Max Mosely, Bambino Holdings, suspect drive through penalties to spice up the World Championship, the World Championship itself, Chanoch Nissany, Flavio Briatore's yellow trousers, Jenson Button's "contracts", Ruben's itrritating podium falling over thing, James Allen, the fear of fast corners, grooved tyres, CDG wings, Ross Brawn's awesome gall, World "Champions" who deliberately take out other cars then say it was a "racing incident", ugly cars, modern qualifying (all formats), engine penalties, but worst of all the politics and the lies.

    When Bernie goes, if not before, this sport will tear out its own throat in a matter of months. It will rise again, as sportscar racing does, but in the meantime you can have more fun on a grey afternoon at Cadwell Park with a box of sandwiches, watching Formula Ford than in a season of F1.
  • Hear, hear. But we keep watching, don't we?
  • there's a great article in "Indy Racing" magazine where Tony Kanaan interviews Dan Wheldon. Nice team commaradie! :)
  • I think that RJ has done his DD in regards to the authenticity of the article.
    I have no doubt that RJ checked all the details. I am disappointed by James.

    I just feel it was a little too much too soon. A little out of spite, and you should never let that get into the public. It's like saying you ex wife was a dud root. You may think that but you should never say it in public.

    Also, you never know who your next employer is going to be in F1, especailly as there are only 10 teams. So best to keep those opinions to himself.
  • there are 11 teams.;)
  • But you have to be japanese for the 11th. :P and he won't be going back STR. So maybe we should make that 9.

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