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STR01 hits the track tomorrow!

The STR01 is ready and they will start to test it tomorrow. Can't wait to see the first pics! Liuzzi will drive on thursday and Speed on Friday at Jerez.


  • Ya - I'm waiting for March 19th!
  • wouldnt get too excited it was designed and built in milton keynes so its not a faenza effort
    It isn't? That's new to me. :(
  • Whats up JG? How's things with your new gig?
  • see


    so what you're saying is that the design people in faenza had some time off this winter?
  • Is that your doing? Headline - "Former Minardi Man Scores a Hit with New BMW Livery"
  • Nice looking car! But it still could be based on the RB1 car.
  • Leave out 'based' and then you're right. I predict a ban.
  • Check it out from the rear. I think the photos are on Pitpass. It seems appreciably different there. Anyway, I predict a RIOT!
  • 12 V. Liuzzi Scuderia Toro Rosso Michelin 01:19.394 79
    13 C. Albers Midland F1 Bridgestone 01:20.685 90
    14 T. Monteiro Midland F1 Bridgestone 01:20.922 63

    Today at Jerez, looks to me like Midland will be having a talk with the FIA regarding STR's V10.
  • Leave out 'based' and then you're right. I predict a ban.
    Yep, what we all suspected is officially true, the STR01 is a copy of the RB1 car and it is legal! Redbull found a loophole.
    Mosley: 'STR1 perfectly legal'
    Thursday February 16 2006

    If the similarities between last year's Red Bull racer and Toro Rosso's STR1 have you questioning the legality of the latter, don't, because Red Bull's junior team can legal copy last year's RB1 as it wasn't built by the team.
    According to the Formula One regulations, teams are not permitted to share designs with each other. However, that only applies if it was the team who did the designing and building of the chassis.

    And in the case of last year's Red Bull RB1, it was Ford who put together the car. And, the rules state, outside sources are allowed to supply more than one team.

    "My understanding is that with Ford/Jaguar, the parts were, for some obscure reason to do with tax and the internal structure of the Ford Motor Company, designed and built by a company that was not the racing team," FIA President Max Mosley told Autosport.

    "If the parts are designed and manufactured by another company, and you own the intellectual property rights of the car that requires them, then it is completely legitimate.

    "The thing you can't do is, if you're Williams you can't run a McLaren front wing. But both Williams and McLaren could run a Lola front wing.

    "So it looks like it has come from a third company. But if somebody challenges it, then there will be an enquiry. But I'm sure they've taken advice." source:planet-f1.com
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