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F1, GP2 and... Minardi

First of all... sorry for my English!! :angel:

Just a thought: now Minardi is in F3000, a sort of "third division" of car racing, but totally disconnected with F1.

Don't you think that, with a promotion/relegation system between F1 and a lower cathergory (GP2?), it should be easier for GCM trying to enter at least in GP2? He still has a valuable "name" and some sponsor could help the new team...
In this case I'm sure that his ability in developing young talents could bring us back to F1 in the future....!

OK... it's just a dream, I know....


  • Welcome Pegli - do not apologise!
  • Welcome Pegli.....my english are worst than yours....hell, even viges english are worst than yours after a couple of pints....

    The thing is that although this relagation system sounds really cool, just like football, i dont think it's easy to apply in F1....But then it would be really fun to see Ron Dennis in GP2....
  • .But then it would be really fun to see Ron Dennis in GP2....

    welcome Pegli!
  • Welcome !

    Where are you from?
  • But then it would be really fun to see Ron Dennis in GP2....

    If Ron or Mercedes were ever relegated they would probably stop racing, while it would be funny to see Ron there I doubt that any of the manufacturers would sign up to F1 with a relegation system, talk about the ultimate embarassment for their company.
  • Where are you from?
    Hi all!
    I'm from Genova (Pegli is a neighbourhood on the seaside)...

    BTW... I think that relegation system will be really difficult to apply: probably, a relegated team will lose every sponsorship... and I don't think Ecclestone should be happy losing money!!

    Maybe a lower number of teams in F1 could give value even to GP2? Who knows... suerely, at this moment I can dream a Minardi car in GP2 in the near future... but not in this F1! So... welcome relagation/promotion system!!! ;)

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  • Welcome, pegli :)

    I would also love to see a Minardi team in GP2 as well..maybe next year ?

    Are we too impatient ?

    I couldn't find good budgets figures for GP2 teams. What's the - financial - difference per year between F3000 and GP2.

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  • Welcome Pegli!

    I think the goal is to move up the ladder in the racing classes but with the short notice that GCM had to get a Team sorted I think this was his best option. Euro 3000 will build a good foundation to grow from and in a few years with the right backing they could be up in GP2.
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