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As expected...............

The 2008 entry list has been revealed with the 11 current teams and Prodrive. According to Max they had "the best combination of financial backing, technical capability and motorsport experience" of any of the entrants.

Not to mention Dave Richards strong links to the FIA as commercial rights holder for WRC.;)

So who's footing the bill?


  • as my uk friends would say, bollox.....
  • This was all just a formality, as Paul said Prodrive
    should be put in and expected as much.

    I 'spose they are trying to be seen as open, but it was
    all just a fait accompli.

    P.S. I had to look up the spelling
    fait accompli
    [French : fait, fact + accompli, accomplished.]
  • As Pippi Långstrump used to say "wait and see, have some tea".

    The 2008 list is by no means final as I'd put serious question marks over the sustainablity of Midland, Super Aguri and, yes, a separate Toyota Team once Williams gets their engines
  • Not to mention both of the red bull teams. No way the both of them will still exist in two years.
  • What having 12 teams has done is raise the value of existing teams. Now for a new entrant to join the sport they have to buy an existing team. I agree that Midland and probably red Bull have question marks over their longevity, as they are not run by motor racing people. I doubt however that Williams are going to outperform Toyota with the same engine.
  • 'I doubt however that Williams are going to outperform Toyota with the same engine'

    I am sure they will Petrol......thats what i am longing for in F1 these days....
  • Aren't prodrive having problems extending their facilities. i read it somewhere.
  • I'm suprised Toyota are contemplating giving Williams engines...it will look bad for the Toyota board members when the 'B-team' Williams knock off the 'factory' Toyota's with the same engine.
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