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Welcome to the EU...

Officials of Turkish state television TRT have banned Pooh Bear because of piglet.

Get a life...


  • Come on RJ, we're all one big happy family.

    I'd like to teach/
    the world to sing/
    in perfect har-mo-neeeee
  • I warned you people....
  • About Pooh?
  • TRT is claiming it's not true. They are simply not showing it right now because Disney hasn't given them the pictures yet.

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  • I love teh interweb :D


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  • a couple of weeks ago a turkish f-16 formation protecting an RF-4 violating our airspace was set to photograph the S-300 missile locations in Crete.they were intercepted by greek f-16s when a turkish pilot during the recconaisance from the greek aircraft broke hard left and collided with the plane killing our pilot....both planes were destroyed turkish pilot ejected and thank god that the greek no2 didnt fire his missiles....it was in the news you might have heard it...now the turkish military claims that we should pay for their lost f-16....are these guys something or what?damn them....
  • Yes - heard about that incident, tension is brewing between the two states but both countries are playing the tension down if i got it right, saying that that was just an incident.
  • there is said to be a moratorium in place with our neighbors, meaning no military conflicts and exercises till the end of the summer so as not to inflict tourism on both sides.....

    greece 7 billion euros on arm sales 4,5% of the gdp
    turkey 11billion euros 4,8% of the gdp

    all that just to keep emmet on the job...
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