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Stoddie in Champ car

Story breaking today


  • wow, how do you know?
  • Like I said Story just out!

    Stoddart confirms Champ Car plans

    By David Malsher Thursday, July 20th 2006,

    Former Minardi Formula One team owner Paul Stoddart has confirmed to this week's Autosport magazine he is planning to set up a Champ Car team for the 2007 season.

    Stoddart, who sold the Minardi team to Red Bull at the end of last season, described entering next season's Champ Car World Series as "very feasible", but was keen to stress that putting the deals together was still some way off.

    Stoddart told Autosport: "Yes, the rumours do have some credibility, but we are still in the very early stages.

    "However, what excites me is that Champ Car has moved almost entirely to street and road courses, and away from ovals, and has made itself into the most spectator-friendly top level race series."

    He also confirmed that should the team take off, it would be with the financial backing of Muerman's Group, a property investor and developer originating in the Netherlands and has expanded to the USA, Germany and Belgium.

    Muerman's currently supports Belgium's Jan Heylen in Champ Cars.

    The company also sponsors Red Bull Racing's third driver Robert Doornbos and Stoddart admitted that the Dutchman would be on the list of candidates for a drive with his proposed Champ Car team.

    He added: "Robert would be on it, as would any good quality driver worth experience such as one who has driven for Minardi in F1. Bas Leinders is another and Zsolt Baumgartner.

    "However, we don't need to decide on drivers yet: we need to sort out whether there is going to be a team and we need to have that done by October."
  • oh, i thought it was more spectacular :-)
  • Seeing is believing.
  • hehe true!
  • still, would be fun if it happened. like him or hate him, he's a character and a petrol head, champ car could be good.
  • I wonder what the team's name will be ;)
    It would be great if he could hire Zsolt.

    If it will ever get to that point that is...

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  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    still, would be fun if it happened. like him or hate him, he's a character and a petrol head, champ car could be good.
    Ya, especially since they have a race right here in Houston, but I will probably go to the American Le Mans Series race that weekend instead of the champ cars.
  • Don't know if it'd make me convert to Champ. It's on even later than the Grand Prix.

    By the by, Ozjet is still going (sorry Sawbones), after switching to the EAL charter format. They have actually picked up an RPT run doing six trips a week to Norfolk Island from Sydney and Brisbane each, on behalf of the Island establishment.

    Small potatoes of course, but it keeps them going.

    Norfolk Island is one of those oddities in terms of its status. Designated as an Australian Territory since 1914, it is administered by an Administrator appointed by the Governer General of Australia - himself, a Vice Regal appointment.

    However, the islanders pay no Australian income tax and are governed by local laws and a local administration that does not pay funds into the Federal Government Treasury.
  • He has 'rights' to the name, what would be your comments if he called a Champ car team 'Minardi'?
  • cool with me
  • Same. Who cares, and to all the conservative Minardi fans....

    I'm pretty convinced that Stoddart would offer GCM a job there if he'd be crazy enough to call his future champ car team Minardi.
  • GCm won't leave Italy.
  • What if the Telefonica deal had gone through in 2000?
  • Good question. One which I have no answer to. I'll have to ask him next time I see him.
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