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You know you're not paying enought attention to things happening around you, when...

Crash Net Story

This happened 200 yards (no exaggeration) away from my front door and I did not notice. In fact, I drove past that very road at 1130, half an hour after it had happened.

I mean, it's Red Bull and all but I still would have gone and watched, possibly taken my 8 year old nephew along, I mean it's genuine F1 sound and all for free... and Doornbos is an ex Minardi guy!

Tour of the Netherlands will come past there as well, will make sure not to miss it.


  • Police oficers with speed guns reported Doornbos did 326km/h. The department of justice decided not to prosecute him ;)
  • These F1-car-on-the-street demonstrations seem to be cropping up everywhere of late.

    On the plus side, such public attractions could do wonders for promoting and advertising city landmarks. In Sydney's case, perhaps Morris Lemma could ride off the back of Mark Webber's profile to advertise the fledging Cross City Tunnel?

    Imagine, "Mark Webber uses the Cross City Tunnel, why the FUCK don't you!?"
  • For the Americans: Toyota will do a demo in Laguna Seca over the weekend!
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