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WTF Alonso get penalty for blocking Massa


I can't believe this is right, Massa was never close enough !!



  • Ya, not to mention Alonso barely made it in time to start another lap. Considering he was down in 9th before that lap I doubt he would be going slow and trying to block Massa and risk not getting in a better lap.
  • This is ridiculous if you watch this:
    http://www.kolumbus.fi/johnny/Monza06_Q3_Massa.avi (for those who have broadband internet. They were both in a fast lap. This was normal when we had normal quali-sessions years ago, people got into raffic, that is motorracing!
  • Looks like someone's trying to influence the outcome of the championship. Lets face it Alonso was on it.
  • Look at the laptop:


    Good joke but sadly both mechanics are fired because of it.
  • Your not serious the mechanics got fired?
  • I can't seem to find anything about the mechanics on the web anywhere but if it is true, thats utter crap.

    Where did you see it vuurmuur?
  • Not 100% sure if it is true they got sacked, it is a rumour but Renault could lose the championship if they got punished for it.

    Read it on a forum, but there is no source mentioned.
  • I cannot believe Flavio and Pat Symonds would sack these men - more likely they have received bottles of bubbly.

    re: quali. If the FIA and its stewards are so uptight about this 'interference' then they should go back to one at a time. BTW did you hear the third 'independent' steward at Monza is a South American who goes by the name of ... Enzo?
  • So that pic isn't photoshopped?
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