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List of Top Collector Cars of the Future

"Tomorrow’s collector cars are parked in garages and sitting on showroom floors across America. To help consumers sort out the next generation of sweet wheels, McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty and a respected collector car valuation expert, has compiled his choices for Hagerty’s Top 10 Future Collector Cars. Is the car that you’re driving right now on the list?

Hagerty’s List of Top Collector Cars of the Future:
* Toyota FJ Cruiser
* Mini Cooper
* Lotus Elise
* Dodge Viper
* Acura NSX
* Toyota Scion
* Audi TT
* Jaguar XK
* Chrysler 300
* Smart Car

In determining the Hagerty Hot List, Hagerty analyzed the reasons today’s collector cars are such hot commodities: pop-culture popularity, limited production numbers and the style of the next generation of collectors. The company included a wide range of models that span market segments and price ranges: cars that are more affordable, fun to drive and still enticing for future generations.

Hagerty is the leading insurance agency for collector vehicles and boats in the nation, and host to the largest network of collector car owners. Hagerty offers collector car insurance, financing and roadside assistance as well as a variety of useful information resources. The company works proactively on hobby legislation and supports the Collectors Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preservation of the hobby. For more information, call 800-922-4050 or visit www.hagerty.com."

disclaimer: I did not write the above. I copied it from a website I found. If I posted the link then you click on it otherwise you will have to search for it yourself

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  • Phhhhhttttt!

    Chrysler 300 maybe. Oh, I do want the Touring. I can really see it with the boat hooked up......................sweeeeeeeeeeeet!
  • I got an FJ. Tried the Toureg. Seemed nice on the first drive... second drive it was not all it was cracked up to be... Now the Toureg's ratings are almost as bad as the Rover Freelander (which is also now defunct):P

    So I got the #1 recomdation and I've been working on the wife for the #3 on the list for about 3 years...:( I think I'll have better luck with the #2 but I can always catch at ride with Murph ;)
  • very American list, I guess because it's designed to be of use to Americans.

    some of those cars aren't even sold outside the USA.
  • ahem, I do believe that the list is compiled by an American since the web site targets primarily American Collectors. I don't know of a European or Asian site that caters to collectors of brands sold in those markets. If you got other lists from other places P1 I would be interested in seeing:)
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