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GP of Houston

Heres to Doornbos and Clarke having a better run this weekend in Houston. No stalls in the pits please.

They have grinded the surface so it will be less bumpy than last year, but knowing the roads and parking lots around town I'm betting it will still be pretty bumpy.

I'm planning on heading out to the track on Saturday for the American Le Mans race. Will stop by the Minardi USA pits representing ForzaMinardi.com with my shirt,should be a conversation starter.


  • excellent, make sure to take some pictures!
  • I'll be able to get pics of the ALMS race and the Minardi pits for sure, as for Minardi on course I don't believe I'll get any of those pics due to the time I'm going.

    If they had not changed the date of the race this year I would be out there all weekend but now it is right before all my final projects are due, so taking a small break to go will have to suffice this year.
  • don't worry about on track pictures, I can get them from the usual sources anytime, it's the forzaminardi content that makes it interesting :D
  • Originally posted by Telstar
    Heres to Doornbos and Clarke having a better run this weekend in Houston. No stalls in the pits please.
    Make shure you're ready to push, while you're hanging around there.
  • bloody hell, starting off well already isn't it? let's see whether doornbos can recover
  • I think it is interesting that for so far everything has to come from Doornbos. While Clarke is our driver with experience. Or does Doornbos' engineer make the difference?
  • Don't forget that RD has more than 3 years F1 experience as test and racingdriver. Last year he managed to beat David Coulthard in the three races RD drove for Red Bull, which is pretty impressive.
  • Not so.


    9 14 David Coulthard Red Bull/Ferrari 56 1:39'16.543 1'43.796
    10 20 V.Liuzzi Toro Rosso/Cosworth 55 1:38'12.368 1 Lap
    11 10 Nico Rosberg Williams/Cosworth 55 1:38'13.489 1 Lap
    12 15 Robert Doornbos Red Bull/Ferrari 55 1:38'24.465 1 Lap

    Brazil and Japan were both gearbox failures for Coulthard.

    In Japan Coulthard retired on lap 35. Lap 34 looked like this:

    14 14 David Coulthard Red Bull/Ferrari 33 53'54.684 1 Lap 213.053
    15 15 Robert Doornbos Red Bull/Ferrari 33 53'57.325 1 Lap 212.879

    David could have been suffering from an ill gearbox by that point.

    In Brazil he retired on lap 14. Lap 13 looked like this:

    12 14 David Coulthard Red Bull/Ferrari 13 20'19.447 34.829 165.282
    13 22 Takuma Sato Super Aguri/Honda 13 20'20.164 35.546 165.185
    14 19 Christijan Albers Midland/Toyota 13 20'20.532 35.914 165.136
    15 23 Sakon Yamamoto Super Aguri/Honda 13 20'21.500 36.882 165.005
    16 15 Robert Doornbos Red Bull/Ferrari 13 20'22.293 37.675 164.898
  • Yeah, your probably right depending what you want to compare. However RD managed to outqualify DC in China and posted a faster laptime during the race. RD was on DC's tail the race in japan, both in qualifying and in the race. In Brazil RD beat DC again in qualification and posted a considerably faster race laptime. Let's coclude that RD managed to give DC a run for his money. Lucky for Minardi Team USA, Red Bull already had signed Webber.
  • looks like Dan Clarke is bouncing back, 6th in the third free practice session, Doornbos still struggling
  • It wasn't a very good qualifying for Dan or Robert. Both being on their fastest laps when the red flag came out.

    Speaking with a few of the crew members they told me that Dan is coming to grips with the car pretty quickly. Also the teams budget at the moment is not real big but that should be changing soon, hope that doesn't fall to the many problems Stoddart has had with sponsors over the years. The current situation with Cedric as co-owner is that he actually owns the #14 car at the moment. From the crew it sounded as if they are going to be expanding the team and adding a third car. Hopefully this does pan out.

    Briefly saw Robert but he was rushing to a briefing, but he did wave and say Forza Minardi, as he was leaving.

    Also I will put some pit pics up when I get a chance.

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  • cool, do send me the pics!

    fantastic result today, 3rd from 13th is remarkable
  • The team and RD did a tremendous job. Well done!
  • Another podium for RD.

    Well done Minardi!!!
  • thumbs up
  • Don't know if anyone else here follows the American Le Mans Series, but anyone that is going to watch or go to Le Mans should watch Mike Salo and Jaime Melo of the #62 Risi Competizione Ferrari F430 GT.They have won the first 4 ALMS races so far this season, twice coming from last place, and have won the last six races dating back to last season.

    I expect Salo and Melo to have a good showing at Le Mans.

    Also, has anyone here been at a race with the Audi R10, damn that diesel is nearly silent, big difference in sound from the Porsche, Corvette, and Ferrari.
  • I remember Melo racing in a Durango in F3000 back in 2001, he was pretty good
  • There ar some nice Minardi-wallpapers up on the CCWS site:

    Vegas GP 01
    Vegas GP 02
    Vegas GP 03
  • We call that Audi R10 the "Whispering Audi." It is a danger to photographers who now have to watch as well as listen!

    I had a very good interview with Speedy Dan (you can read it at my website www.rfmsports.com) -- he has grown up a lot since I interviewed him last year and although he clearly could have had a lot to say about the car, he was diplomatic and stressed that he did not want to come across as negative. The car has been difficult for them out of the box and everyone is working hard to fix the problems but being a spec car there is only so much they can do. I also met most of the Minardi people (in my search for Graham Jones) and everyone -- which was confirmed by Dan -- is delighted to be racing in the USA and was very friendly. We're glad to have them aboard and Robert is very much admired -- I became a fan when he said "Save Fuel? Is this racing or Valet Parking?"
  • My God, a woman. Good to hear from you 'Kate'.
  • now don't get overly excited, we managed to scare all of them away so far, so try and keep it neat this time :D
  • Welcome aboard, we love Canadians. Well, I do anyway. forzaminardi there is a Southpark fan so he probably doesn't. Sad story that. :(
  • G'day Kate, what's a "Habs" fan????
  • Montreal Canadians=Habs.

  • Here is an album of my pit pictures from the Grand Prix of Houston.

  • Cool Pics Telstar :)

    Welcome Kate BTW nice article :cool:
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