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The usually ANNUAL thread.

Any gossip , news, etc may be posted in here...

It usually goes like this - I appeal for you to vote for the Maltese entry.... then we all start to chit chat!

I have seen the British entry, it may be a favourite contender due to having such a pop - tune. I think those who are trying with a rock song will do badly this year. Malta's entry seem to have an oriental touch, whihc may be unique. (I didn't hear most of the songs but I heard that there will be a lot of Rock entries)


  • you LIVE for this, don't you Neil? ;)

    I'm gathering life's pretty dull in Malta.
  • I thought we were all here because we had no life?
  • That's a very good point.
  • It's a big annual event for Malta, that's true, you know we usually do not fare badly in Eurovision Song Festival as against all other competitions we enter so that's why there is so much hype here about this festival. We placed second for two times in this festival. It goes the same year after year, - there is enormous hype before the festival but then after the votes we all say, because they vote for their neighbours!
  • Hmmm, an oriental Maltese. I'm trying to picture it.

    A pop tune from the British. Now there's a stretch.

    Lucky I have no life. This sounds fascinating.

    I didn't realise that the Maltese and English have so much in common. Coming second...year after year...enormous hype before...then reality afterwards...does England's neighbours hate them that much!
  • Britain are going to sink. The song is awful. Hawkins should have been chosen
  • I placed a bet on the English song 1:25
    The song is poppish but it seems to have good choreography, that's why I placed the bet... who knows!!!!
  • and Malta DON'T QUALIFY!

    Neither do Cyprus nor Switzerland

    Seems like most of the 10 tho qualify from the semis were all Eastern European countries.

    Its all political, i tell ya!
  • :mad::mad::mad::(

    It is only a song festival, no big deal! But yes, it is turning to be too political and Malta has no "political" allies! But did you like the Maltese entry Minardi4Eva? In my op the song was nice but the presentation was too complicated and scruffy. And what about the British entry? - they are on an airplane!
  • I missed the semi final last night. I caught about 30 seconds of it. The only bit i saw was an estonian woman standing next to a giant bus stop. I'll probably try and watch the final. But its a sad state of affairs when even the non-televised part is getting political.
  • Yeah Neil, i liked it, but it wasnt anything special. In the past years ive always had soft spots for Malta, and more recently Cyprus, shame neither are in the proper Eurovision this year.

    Yeah, the UK entry is a classic camp pop tune with sexual inuendos (sp) littered throughout it. A typical Euro pop tune, but alas it doesnt mean anything as noone will vote for us!

    My personal favourite from the ones ive heard has to be Latvia, although the transexual entry from the Ukraine are the bookies favourite
  • We'll see who is going to win tonight - but the voting system should be changed going forward or else it will risk being a Eastovision Song Festival...
  • okay, now it's getting silly!!!
  • it's a farce!
  • IT was a bloody stitchup. Every year we get the Greek/Cyprus love in !
  • I missed the final (i was out getting drunk celebrating my birthday). However having just watched the winning performance on the internet I'm not surprised that song won for 2 reasons

    1. The performer is from an eastern European country.

    2. The song is virtually the opposite of Lordi's winning entry from last year. (a ballad, no costumes and no pyrotechnics.)

    Oh is it me or did the Serbian girl look like Nadia(?) the Transexual from (UK)Big Brother.
  • true she did.

    Watched it with my dad, just to see how badly uk did. My dad said "That music was probably written to go with the english version of the song"
  • Next year the UK should perform their song in the most spoken language - Polish. We'd do much better that way
  • You mean the Portugeezer!!!!
  • "Watched it with my dad"

    Your dad wanted to make sure you did not see some nasty TV eh eh!
  • he doesn't care what i watch. besides i only live at home part time.
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