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Cleveland Champ Car

Pretty good race by Doornbos, another couple laps and I think he could have really given Tracy a run for his money, too bad Robert must not have had any of his power to pass button left. Anyways, 3 points behind the leader in the championship isn't a bad position to be in.

Tough luck for Dan Clarke, he can't buy a break this season.

Stoddart looks alot happier on the pitwall than he did on the F1 wall, except for Webber and Zsolt's points.


  • You just gotta love Stoddie, the guy comes on the broadcast during the race with his guy running 3rd and confidently states "We should have the race and the championship lead by the end of today!"

    Of course it didn't quite turn out that way, but three points off Bourdais is just excellent at this juncture of the season. The races come fast and furious now, so we'll see if RD can't improve his standing in the weeks to come...
  • That was a crazy race :o
    Good job by Robbo too.
  • Anyone that was watching did it look like it to you that they all jumped the start? It did to me, but it looked like everyone did so no point in them penalizing anyone.
  • If at the end of this season Doorknobs has taken the championship, i'm gonna eat my baseballcap.. :o
  • Gah. I missed it. I really thought there was a four week gap between races again.
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