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Some pictures of the Friday session at Mont Tremblant can be found at:

Mr.Stoddart no where to be found. Justin Wilson is still a hell of a good guy, as is Robert Doornbos (who is also very funny). It was good to see Patrick Friesacher and Zsolti with the Minardi F1X2 PRGM. I wonder what generates more cash for Mr.Stoddart the F1X2 PRGM or the Champcar team?!



  • Ya Stoddart is on the press release as if he is there, but actually seeing him is different, he must keep inside an office most of the time. I never saw him at the Houston race either.
  • I think it must be the two seaters, Phil. Checkout the OzJet stickers on the Champ Cars. Didn't Lease tell us it was now just charters? (like F1x2, of course).
  • Nice pics, thank you for sharing!
  • Congrats to Robert and Paul, only saw the last few minutes of the race so I have to go back and watch the race, but great job on the win.
  • Doorn'boss' wins at Tremblant!

    What a pathetic wanker is that Bourdais-guy :( Does he ever stop whining?
  • I agree Rime, Bourdais whines way too much. I read in the interview that he was booed on the podium, presumably for what he said before the podium.

    Personally I don't care for the blocking rules that champ car has, I think F1's one move rule is ok, it at least lets racers race some compared to champ car. At least the race directors didn't see any of what Robert was doing as blocking.
  • Bourdais shouldn't whine indeed. As far as I could see he only was behind Robert once during the entire race. And Robert had to move around a bit because otherwise he would have pushed Wilson of the track. It was a bit chaotic though.

    He was lucky enough not to get a penalty for that jump start anyway.

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  • Hey guys, fabulous result for the team today, just great stuff from Doornbos. Joint number one in the championship! Who would have predicted that at the start of the season?

    BTW, Stoddie was interviewed on Speed's "Wind Tunnel" program tonight, one of the regulars at champcarfanatic.com was kind enough to post the first half to YouTube:

    Part 2 to follow.
  • What a great race.
  • awesome, big congrats to Minardi Team USA, Robert Doornbos, and in particular Paul Stoddart who DESERVES some success. :)
  • Hi all first post here.. grats to Bobby D aka Robert Doornbos (that's his new nickname over here in ccws by some people heh).

    Just to follow up on previous poster giving the link to part 1 of the Paul Stoddart interview on Speed's Wind Tunnel program. Here is part 2 of the interview

  • hello cc4l, welcome to this humble forum

    doornbos now leads the championship with as many points as bourdais
  • i didn't really get what he was complaining about
  • SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS: Just Robert passed me very cleanly on the track. Just left the door open. I was kind of hoping he was going to do the same when at some point I was a little quicker behind him. But that's not what he did. That's the only reason I was very unhappy with him. Still is, obviously.

    But that's the way it is. Apparently his F1 experience is playing a little bit. He's not quite used to the way we should be behaving on the racetrack when you're not supposed to move, which he done on three occasions. Race control let it slip. That's fine.

    Anyway, he had the faster car. He seemed to do a great job. It's just a shame that as good a driver as he is, he had to do it this way. I think it would have been a much nicer win had he not done it.

    But congratulations to all my competitors. I think it was a great race, and obviously a great show. When the conditions are like this, it's always very enjoyable to watch, I guess.

    Q. Robert, what do you have to answer to Sebastien about those criticisms, saying that you're not racing the way it's supposed to be in Champ Car? How different is it supposed to be? How are you taking this criticism? You did win the race.

    ROBERT DOORNBOS: It's very easy. First of all, I'd like to thank Sebastien for all his compliments he made. He congratulates me.

    I mean, I fully think that I deserve this victory. I'm very happy for this team and for myself. But to see what happened on track, I know that the rules in the U.S. are different, a different way of racing. In Europe, we race hard. In Formula One, we race hard. It's a sport.

    At the end of the day, you're fighting -- you have to be selfish, you're fighting for your own positions. In the U.S. I have to respect the new rules. I paid the price last weekend in Cleveland where I felt that basically I made a mistake and the race director of Champ Car gave me a penalty, a drive-through, so my race was completely destroyed. With a bit of luck and good strategy, we got back on a good result.

    So I am for sure respecting the rules of racing in the U.S. In these conditions, though, you cannot predict what happens because, like everybody says, you're driving on slick tires in the wet, you're driving on wets tires on parts of the track which are dry. You're all over the place looking for grip.

    If Sebastien feels that he could have passed me, he should have done it. I felt I was quicker.
  • Poor love. If Seb ends up at STR next year he's in for one helluva shock.

    Forza Minardi!
  • Well done Robert. You can be proud of yourself! Funny picture Rime :P :P
  • Last lap and post-race interviews:

  • Local Montreal newspaper (Journal de Montréal) interviewed Mr.Stoddart. In it, it claims that Mr.Stoddart received a text MSG from Mr. GC Minardi, congratulating him on the victory and putting the Minardi name on top. Mr.Stoddart claims Mr. GC Minardi is a Man of class.
  • now that is quite some news, there, minardimontreal

    the track looks like zeltweg doesn't it?
  • sour grapes by Bourdais to say something like that out of the car, what a plonker!
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    hello cc4l, welcome to this humble forum

    doornbos now leads the championship with as many points as bourdais
    Thanks for the welcome. I think it's good now that Bourdais is finally getting some competition at the top and not just from Minardi, but from Team Australia too. Though I personally am going for Bourdais to win his 4th title. I am just glad now it is looking like it will be a tougher and closer points race in the end. I don't pay much attention to comments by drivers cause it really makes no difference. It's what they do on the track and I am really looking forward to the championship battle between Robert and Sebastion this year with maybe Will Power throwing himself into the mix more too.

    And as a fan that is very happy to have a minardi presence in champ car. I am going to be selfish and hope that Robert Doornbos stays with Minardi Team USA for the years to come. :P
  • Naw. If Doornbos takes the title then not only does Sebas not drive for Red Bull, but I think they've got no choice but to put Robert in one of their cars.
  • feel the same as you Jello.
  • The frog is the last person that should be whinging about driving standards!!!

    How appropriate that Wil Power is their to see it all, after what Bourdais did to him on the Gold Coast last year.
  • In the words of Stoddart, “What a f****** race!"

    Nice to see he hasn't changed.
  • Alas poor Yorrick
    Follow Team Australia or Team Minardi?
    That is the question?

    Well done to everyone!
  • phil, could you send me an email, I seem to have lost your address
  • Hi RJ
    Check your e.mail
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