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Brazilian Grand Prix

Looking into my crystal ball, what's the chance of, say, Hamilton being (taken out) by those team mates who cannot win the championship? . . . or a lesser team?


  • i don't see how he would mess this up. he had his bad car day last sunday, won't happen again. and he's been ice cool every single race this year so he won't be crashing down now i guess.
  • What Im trying to say is someone else taking him out. Oooops - a - Daisy! -
    I know its never happened before - but always a first time.
  • He's surely been cool but not that cool. He was partially lucky that his mistakes haven't cost him much. I do not have nothing against him but this FIA-Mclaren protection over him is quite boring. I hope I-don't-know-who bangs him out of the race (and come later to Ferrari's pits to celebrate).
  • Unless Lewis has TKO he will be crowned WDC.
  • If Hamilton for whatever reason DNF'd Brazil. I wonder if RD would be cheering on Fred?
  • Love him to be taken out by Kazuki Nakajima, Fred to get a technical failure, and Kimi to storm to the win and the WDC.
  • Yeah, it would be nice if Kimi wins the championship but it is extremely difficult... but anything can happen in F1.
    I would like to see Hamilton losing the championship just to see Ron's face! He already made a real fuss when he saw Ham in the gravel last race! It was such a sight! If anything I prefers Alonso over Ham, Alonso had all the team against him no matter what they say.
  • Good to see we're all Kimi!
  • Originally posted by SuperRoo
    If Hamilton for whatever reason DNF'd Brazil. I wonder if RD would be cheering on Fred?
    It took me a little while, but because of this post I finally figured out who Fred is. :D
  • I hate New Ferrari, have nothing in particular against Ron Dennis, and support Alonso as an ex Minardiman - and even I want Kimi to win it.
  • Sedition!

    I'm reasonably relaxed about it; Lewis will win the title someday soon ...
  • I want Alonso to win. Sure, he's been a bit (a lot) of a whiner this season, and he's seemingly tried to bring the entire team down, but coming from the situation he was used to at Renault to being teammates with Hamilton at McLaren, it almost makes sense when he acts like he does.
  • I don't care who wins as long as its not Hamilton. As someone who is sick of the biased English media the last thing I need is a rookie English champion. It would be like the 1966 world cup win. I think Alonso's gonna leave McLaren regardless so it'd be cool to see the McLaren's running around with number 22 & 23 next year.
  • Is the Spanish media unbiased? Is the Australian media unbiased?

    Everyone is biased - its how you sell bloody papers. As for ITV, the audience figures were plummeting pre-Lewis. What do you expect them to do?!
  • It's not really the bias, its the over the top reporting of it.

    I mean Casey Stoner just became the MotoGP world champion.

    Maybe two columns and a big picture on the back page. That's it.

    I think he deserved more, and in many ways Lewis' year is similar in that he is young
    and the car or bike gets more credit from critics than the pilot.

    Then motorsport in this country is used as fill in fodder by the media here.

    Anyhoo, the British media especially James Allen have turned some (non Brits) people off hamilton.

    He shits me.
  • I agree with you SuperRoo Re: James Allen. A few people I know who by their own admission are not the biggest F1 fans had been watching because of the Hamilton factor. But they're now turning away because every race commentary sounds like James Allen wants to marry him. I don't mind the biased commentary if its biased in favour of all the British drivers but James Allen tends to forget that there are four British guys out there racing.
  • Australian TV chooses to use the ITV commentary. Go figure.
  • I think it will be a normal race with nothing special and Hamilton will win the title easily.

    I'd prefer Kimi or Alonso though.
  • Welcome Kataa, nice of you to join us, I hope you enjoy the site!!
  • Brazilian races do not use to be "normal". The first thing is that usually, if one of the top teams struglle just a little, some mid-fielder shows up in the mix. So my dark horse on this one is DC on the Red Bull (course Webber will have better grid position).

    Then will have to see about the bumps. A local newspaper put some video footage of a lap on the new surface. Course it is not an F1, but it really looks smoother. I guess this is good for Ferrari. Kimi and Massa use to go well there, Alonso won two WC there but I do not think he was particularly fast, at least not by his own standards. This is a very difficult circuit and it might put some pressure on Lewis. BTW, Alonso has a handicap on the engine side.

    If Ferrari dominates, it might end up a real fantastic race, because so many combinations are then possible. Anyway I really would love to see the two Mcs out in lap one.
  • It`s only friday, still practice 1, but the Ferraris were quick out of the box. Let's see..
  • What a race, incredible. Kimi WC?? I still can't believe it.
  • who saw that one coming? i didn't! would have preferred Freddy for obvious reasons but that was just a superb performance by Ferrari
  • Rosberg and Kubica fighting so hard, one of them, or even both, easily could have been out of the race. And the idea that if Fred wouldn't finish Hamilton would be first. I must applaud Ferrari for timing that pitstop. Very sour grapes for Lewis.
  • hamilton threw it away at the start when he f'ed up, notwithstanding the issues he had later in the race
  • Originally posted by vigesIs the Australian media unbiased?
    With F1? Definitely.

    Any F1 report in any media down here consists of First, Second, Third, any major race incidents.... and that Mark Webber DNF'ed.

    Never mind that he was second in Japan for example when he was taken out... that part never makes the news (my fellow Australians can confirm this phenomena) .... it's just 'Mark Webber retired on lap xx' :(

    Webber is seen as a bit of a loser by many Australians because he hasn't won races, and a title. I think Will Power gets more credit for his Champ Car success....

    cest la vie.
  • Pretty entertaining race all in all with some excellent driving from Nick, Nico and Kubica and even Hamilton coming through the field, both Ferraris were fairly faultless and all topped off by dear old uncle Ron trying to put a brave face on it!!!!:D:D

    As for this appeal about the fuel, how pathetic did anyone appeal Lewis being let off scott free about the fuck up with the tyres?? No
  • Boy did not see that coming.Perhaps P1 could mail me this week's lotto numbers.
    Inexperience did for Hamilton in the last 2 races. The great Irony is that he (hamilton) would not have been in such a dominant position without Fred's expertise. Macca can forget appealing the stewards decision, the are regarded as the villians of the piec and yes Jame's Allen's commentary IS an embarassment.
    If ever there was a race that defined F1 as anything can happen this was it. Congrats to the Kimster!
  • Just on James Allen's commentary.... did you hear the eminently noticable change in his tone to outright depression when it became apparent to him that barring a miracle, Hamilton wasn't going to win?

    Suddenly he couldn't mustur any enthusiasm.

    It was embarrassing commentary to let his 'rah rah' personal feelings get in the way at such an important moment when a new (and very deserving) champion was being crowned. :mad:
  • i wonder why brazilian tv didn't show us ron dennis'face. It would have been the best of the day (of the year, better)
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