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Congrats to Kimi

Out of all the mayhem, trials and tribulations of recent events, and everything thats happened throughout the season, the ice man provails and gets his first F1 World Championship.

Just to make Ron Dennis' season worse, the guy that jumped ship to Ferrari pips his drivers to the championship.

Was he the deserved champion throughout the season? Debatable. But whilst everyone around him lost their heads, he kept his, and won races when it mattered.


  • well he won the most races so it's deserved, as easy as that
  • Definitely deserves it more than Alonso, and a LOT more than Hamilton... the tool.

    Congrats to Kimi!!
  • Add my congrats to the Kimster....
  • tool?

    now i don't think he should have won because he didn't have to line up with a lesser team like freddy or kimi BUT he has had an amazing season and I'm looking forward to see what he can do next year... or the year after
  • He got me right offside very early on RJ when he referred to 'backmarkers' (actually people only marginally slower than him) as 'monkeys'. Huh??

    He got his dose of karma in the last 2 races, it was due after that comment, and the Japanese race.
  • he did what? got a link?
  • good for kimi.

    I came into this season liking Hamilton but I don't anymore. Germany was the start, his engine should have been switched off. What if his car had come loose, marshalls would have been hurt. He should have been punished in japan for dangerous driving but got away with it, china he deserved, i laughed so hard but he did drive well in brazil.

    Important thing is, was his car 100% Mclaren and if not would he have done this well in a full mclaren, good thing kimi won else that question would always be over this year.

    New question, can Mclaren cope being 22 and 23 next year?

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  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    he did what? got a link?
    If my memory serves me right he said that during an interview on the Thursday/Friday during the Monaco GP.

    With regards your question Minardifan will McLaren cope being 22 and 23 without Prodrive? I'm sure if Prodrive where there they would conveintly (sp?) share a new large paddock building which would circumvent the reduced paddock space afforded to the teams lower down the grid. Now the Prodrive entry has hit a snag McLaren may have to slum it.
  • In the build-up to the Monaco GP on ITV they were interviewing Lewis Hamilton and, when asked about turn 1 on the first lap he commented that he was better off at the front and away from "the monkeys at the back".

    A bit much for someone who's just had his fifth GP start.

    A bit like Schumacher's comment of "put a banana into that car and he'd win the Championship" when Damon Hill beat him in the Williams.
  • Poor English... beaten by Russia in football, no rugby title, no F1 champion. Their luck just has to change next season.
  • It's always best when the champion wins the most races. Well done Kimi.
  • Lewis did a dangerous manouver in the fight for pole position as well.

    Well done Kimi, he's the man - also Massa, he played a great part today! What a team, FERRARI!! All pulling the same rope!

    I didn't see Ron's face but I wished I saw it! And Fred was happy as well to see Kimi and not Ham win!
  • Monkeys???
    Andrew Symonds plays cricket - not race F1!

    Well done Kimi (even broke out in a bit of a smile)
  • Yep Congrats to Kimi :cool:

    If Hamilton won he / UK press would have been unbearable!!!:mad:
  • Both BMW's and Rosberg are under investigation on the accusation their fuel was too cold. There is no such rule as far as i can remember. Of all the stupid rules they could have "made up" to make sure hamilton was champ
  • Well done Kimi, excellent way to show your ex-employers that you can win!!!

    And if this appeal changes things F1 will loose what ever credibility it may have left
  • Fantastic season end by Kimi, who was able to got 36 points out of the last 40, and may have probably won also at Fuji.

    I'm happy for him, he had been deserving to win a title from 2005, and probably also from 2003.

    But let me have some doubts about the (at least strange) way the season ended.

    The McLaren debacle is weird, at least it's not part of the team's DNA.
    It is true that uncle Ron, in the past, had only seen domestic battles between his two drivers (Lauda-Prost in 1984, Prost-Senna in 1988 and 1989) when there was no opposition.
    But the way he lost this time is a speciality of Williams (Reutemann-Jones in 1981, Mansell-Piquet in 1986), and not something Ron would normally allow.

    Plus, Hamilton's mistakes and misfortunes in the last two races, although possible in a young rookie, were weird as well: first the gravel in Fuji, yesterday the crazy attack to Alonso in lap 1, then the gearbox problem.....that reminds me of Damon Hill slowing down in Budapest 1997 leaving the victory to Jacques Villeneuve....and then finishing second.....another strange event, normally when you have an electronic problem your race is over!

    I may sound like the devil's advocate, but I propose you a reading:
    1) The spy story comes out, and McLaren-MERCEDES turns out to be involved neck and heels
    2) Mc Laren risks a one-year ban from races, which would mean an image damage for hundreds of million$ for Mercedes
    3) Bernie proposes the following arrangement: dear Mercedes, we do not disqualify you, but you pay a 100 M$ fine, you lose all the Constructor's points, the drivers do not get any penalty (so the championship keeps its interest till the end), but the title goes to one of the Ferrari drivers at the end, and you leave Alonso free for free.

    I know, it's just a guess, no evidence at all, but it seems to me that it works, and would explain several things.

    Therefore, I am not even worried for this BMW and Williams fuel appeal by McLaren.

    Just to trigger a discussion.
    Bat all in all, congrats to Kimi for having shown what a driver he is, and welcome in the World Champions' club!
  • Bloody Ferrari.
  • McLaren's appeal rejected and now the story's finally over, and in the right way.
    Let's hope 2008 season to be one where we only talk about races and track situations, and not about trials and spy stories!
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