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Alonso's new team

According to the Italian press, Ferdi's new destination may be:
1) Renault, where he would find again Flav and his old team of mechanics, but where the technical package cannot assure him the requested competitiveness;
2) Red Bull, where there is an extraordinary budget, but the team is new and unexperienced;
3) Toyota, where they would have to assure him the appointment of an appropriate technical team;
4) Williams: he could swap with Rosberg, that uncle Ron likes a lot.

On the other side, concerning his possible replacement, Rosberg is seen as a bit dangerous from McLaren, Kovalainen may be preferred as he is a milder character that could better fit the position of driver n.2

I hope him not to go to Renault, as one of the things I really do not miss is seeing Flav happy on the podium, and not to go to Red Bull (Mateschitz is the guy who buried Minardi in F1, he CANNOT get to the top.

Toyota would be a nice challenge for him, and definitely he's the only man (like Schumi in Ferrari 12 years ago) that can seriously turn the trend of this disastrous team. But he would take at least two years to get the team to the top.
Williams...yes, I want to see Frank happy again. Yes Ferdy, go to Williams, please, F1 needs Williams at the top, and this year they've shown they're much better than Toyo at building chassis.


  • Have heard the RedBull story. Where Fred wants 1 year then onto Reggie, however RedBull wants him for 3 years minimum, with Webber/Coulthard to Mclaren. Dependant on who will play a subservient role to Clewlis.

    Flav trying to woo spanish sponsors to pay for Freds defection, however ING do not want less sponsor area on the car, not happy about this years results but having Fred in the car is very appealing.

    Toyota is a poisoned challis and Williams maybe with a healthy dose of Spanish peso's might have some attraction.
  • coulthard won't go back to mclaren.
  • who needs coulthard?
  • Originally posted by Neil_s
    who needs coulthard?
    That is a question I and many others have been asking for years.
  • but to the original question, I think Alonso would go to Red Bull...
  • If he does Webber will go to Mclaren and i think will beat hamilton. Alonso will be in another team where the other driver is favoured
  • Alonso would be a fool to go to Toyota - no point attempting to do a Schumacher/Ferrari thing unless you have your own Brawn and Byrne to take with you.

    Can't see how Williams would give Alonso what he wants - in terms of cash or a top flight car.

    Renault could happen, if Briatore wants it enough to make the money work.

    Red Bull also would be possible. If so, I hope it is Webber who goes to McLaren, I think he'd give young Lewis a fright or two.

    My money's still on Renault.
  • he's not staying at McLaren? what did I miss?
  • Hi RJ, can you cordially change the front page of the website, I hate seeing "NO POINTS FOR MINARDI!"? It's depressive! Let's go for something more positive!
  • I think Nado's staying at Macca!
  • Maybe not! I wonder how quick Hamilton will be without Alonso's setuo info?
  • Originally posted by SuperRoo
    Dependant on who will play a subservient role to Clewlis.
    Clewlis !!!

    That's the first time I ever heard that......hahahahahahaha Thanks for the chuckle there SuperRoo.
  • somebody needs to explain that to me...

    Neil, feel free to be creative :D
  • Alonso is going to Renault according to Spanish press. The contract by Flav is ready to be signed.
  • Dependant on who will play a subservient role to Clewlis.
    must have read over it. If I didn't share the same first name as Hamilton I would laugh, maybe I should change my name.

    Flavio has given alonso a deadline to sign for Renault. Its Tomorrow.

    New name linked to Mclaren seat, a german driver called Michael Schumacher. Doubt he will as Ron won't want anyone beating his little kid. http://www.f1-live.com

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  • Gian Carlo Minardi comments Alonso's divorce from McLaren on F1GrandPrix.it:

    "I think the situation inside the McLaren team was impossible to stand due to an unprecedented drivers' management by Ron Dennis. This caused an inevitable divorce, even if at the moment the market is not offering a competitive car. Right now it's very difficult to give Fernando some advice, but if I were him, I'd come back to Renault, maybe with a deal allowing me to leave, whenever the car or the team shouldn't be competitive enough, to go to a team higher on the World Championship standings. In this moment it's only up to him to take the best decision."
  • Can't see him going anywhere except Reggie. Alot of talk about Red Bull, but in reality they are too slow and unreliable. His only chance is a works drive, and that leaves Reggie and Toyo (Honda I suppose). We know at least one of those CAN build race winning car.

    It will be interesting if 3 works teams are battling for the title, and not to discount Beemer.
  • Red Bull (avec Renault power) often outclassed the manufacturer.
  • I think the Red Bull idea is definately about the dream rather than the current reality. World champion driver, designer and strategist all together to build a team as Schumi did with Ferrari they'd have to put together a hell of a budget though
  • Now we'll have to wait for the end of McLaren-Renault querelle. Definitely Ferdy won't go to a team that risks to be penalised.....
    It's true that Renault is the only team having spare seats at the moment, but if necessary Red Bull will not have problems to dump DC (even though 2008 might be his year.....:-)), and Williams would try to convince Toyota to dump Nakajima, and if he does not manage, he could even dump Rosberg.
    Instead, I really do not see him going to Toyota (that has a sppare seat now), and I still hope to see him in WIlliams.
  • Why not Force India?
  • Maybe Honda. Rubens should go on gardening leave.
  • Both Honda and Alonso's manager denied that Alonso has visited already Honda factory and that an agreement is imminent.

    Normally, this means that the agreement is almost done already.
  • Next instalment of the serial: now apparently Alonso has received a new offer by McLaren, to stay for one more year for the same $$$$ as per the original contract, and with the written guarantee that he would be free to follow different strategies from Clewlis, and that there would be no favours by the team to Clewlis.

    Alonso is tempted, but apparently the opportunity would be blocked by the fact that Ron will remain at the helm of McLaren, and Ferdy does not absolutely want to work with him anymore.

    BTW, RJ, what were your first impressions from the start of your new job with S&P?
  • Never say never but ... he will never drive for McLaren again.

    re: Flav - why should he accept a one year deal with Fred, just so he can swan off to Maranello for '09, possibly.

    Maybe its time for a sabbatical ...
  • "BTW, RJ, what were your first impressions from the start of your new job with S&P?"

    that all companies are the same when it comes to getting new employees started, i.e. before you're fully set up it takes AGES ;) however i think the whole thing has a lot of potential and the exposure to the stock market is just amazing, nothing is going on in Europe that they don't know about so doing that for the foreseeable future will be very useful!
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