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  • Done!
    Alonso to Renault on a 3-year deal, for total $100m, with the option for him to terminate the contract at the end of the first or of the second season, in case he has a better opportunity.

    A bit of a shame, I would have preferred to see him trying to bring up a new team like Honda, but it will be interesting as well to see if he manages to be competitive with Renault in 2008.

    His teammate will be Nelsinho (imagine if Nelsinho fucks him like Clewlis :D:D).

    This also means that Kovalainen most certainly will go to McLaren, also because Rosberg renewed with Williams until 2010.

    And Fisico will have a year in Force India (maybe), then will say bye to the circus. Finally.
  • Was always going to happen. Interesting get out clause. Can't imagine Fred leaving after 1 year, unless it is a total dog. So does this mean Heiki and Clewlis to team up?
  • That would be the preferred option. The Brit hacks seem to be jumping on the PDLR option. Hardly a threat to Hamilton. Can Macca really afford to throw all their eggs into the Hamilton basket? Lets face it De La rosa is not going to win any races!
  • It would be a travesty if Kovalainen got left out in the cold. Why would Ron not take him? I don't see Lewis as being afraid of him enough to blackball him. Ron's pride will stop him going for any obvious No 1 No 2 setup, and say what you like, the best way to win the Championship is still to have the best guy you can in the second car anyway.
  • There are some rumours floating round that Heikki could be on his way to Toyota to replace Jarno.
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