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US Elections

Hope some of you follow it. It has to be my favourite time of the "lustrum". It's even better this time because we have primaries for both camps. What a bunch of characters it is this time. The grouchy Giuliani (who until recently I thought of having the best chances of becoming Dubya's successor), the media darling (but complete gaffe artist, did anyone hear that Grenada/Martinique quote?) Obama, could-I-be-any-more-of-a-stereotypical-democrat-american Hillary, the usual bible adherers like Huckabee (and to some extent Romney) etc etc. I also find this Ron Paul guy quite interesting. You don't have to agree with him but I think he's one of the few candidates who really has a genuine vision for the US. Pity he's too old and the odds of him becoming president are not far off GCM becoming US president. I would love to see McCain get a shot at it, his recent poll results are surprisingly good. He got beaten by Dubya in the primaries last time (2000) but I think the guy should prove how he can do in real elections


  • Fancy having a fight between ObAMA and OsAMA!!!!!
  • I found an interesting test people can use to find out where they are in the US political landscape.


    There's an option to take the test in English. I ended up closest to Bill Richardson. But still near to Clinton and Edwards.
  • hehe I'm next to Ron Paul, I knew I liked the guy :-)
  • Your position in comparison with the candidates.
    You have responded to 36 propositions. Based on the responses you provided, you are the closest to
    Barack Obama and you are the furthest away from Fred Thompson - (he he he quite predictable for me!!!!)
  • Hillary unexpectedly won in New Hampshire in a moment that could have been crucial if she lost. Now it will be a nice fight with Obama till February 5.
  • did you guys know that McCain was a pow in Vietnam for SEVEN years and held even after the war had ended? that guy is the real rambo!
  • closer to richardson and then Clinton.
    No surprise, if I were american, I'd be a new democrat
  • I really want Obama to win. I don't like Clinton at all, and I would prefer a Democrat. As far as Republicans go, I would be fine with McCain or Giuliani, and while I disagree with almost every political thing Huckabee says, I like his personality and the way he speaks, so I could probably handle having him as president as well. Congress holds all the real power anyway.

    I didn't take that poll, but others have shown Obama and Clinton basically tied at the top. As far as Ron Paul goes, he's just absolutely crazy. He basically wants to remove all government, and that's completely illogical and irrational.
  • Bloody hell, Rudy Giuliani already out of the Republican race! I'm really surprised, I thought he was gonna be THE candidate to run against Billary/Obama! See what happens now, but at this point I bet the final challenge in November will be Billary vs.McCain.

  • Bloody hell, Rudy Giuliani already out of the Republican race! I'm really surprised, I thought he was gonna be THE candidate to run against Billary/Obama
    absolutely, the demise of his campaign has gone largely unnoticed, at least by the British press who are too busy focussing on the Clinton Obama scuffle (ooooh, there might be some racy -- pun intended -- story in there). I think Obama is a nice guy but he's a bit of a gaffe artist, he needs some experience in international relations before becoming president, but that's ok he's still young. As much as I liked her husband, Hillary won't do either.

    As I said, McCain's the guy who got his finger nails ripped out by the Vietcong for almost a decade without bucking an inch, that's the guy who has what it takes to lead the strongest economy of the world. Besides, he seems to have his heart in the right spot for a Republican. Not sure what to do with the Giuliani endorsement he got now, sure it should propel him to a win (unless Huckabee does the same for Romney in the very near future) but the thought of having Giuliani doing a Rumsfeld in a potential McCain administration does dim my view on the guy a tad.
  • Wow, now after this Supertuesday it's gonna be interesting to see who's gonna win between Billary and Obama! At the end, though, I think the California win will be decisive and Billary will prevail!

    Seems done, instead, for McCain on the other side.

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  • who cares for US elections?????

    Isn't the Malta general election on 8th March 2008 more important and interesting to you all???? :-)

    Watch out for the Labour Party - we're gonna pull a victory this time!
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