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Im Back

Its been a long time since i graced this forum with my prescence but i never actually saw the forum and now i have im sooo happy

Ordered that new Minardi book on play.com and i cant wait for it to arrive looks like an excellent read

I hope Minardi returns from STR and we can go back to being the favourites of the f1 grid

P.S Gaston Mazzacane still rocks my world


  • Welcome back. Although I have no idea who you are. So any idea who you are going to support now there are virtually no Minardi teams left? ;)
  • At the moment I have a soft spot for Red Bull and super aguri (still like me backmarkers)
  • Dear Bish, welcome to the forum on behalf of all the members.
    PS you might want to keep any support for the drinks company to yourself.
  • Yeah, we hate those R*d B**l guys to the end of time.
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