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F1 Back to the BBC!!


The BBC have managed to win back the rights to F1 from next year so no more adverts, no more missed live qualifying and hopefully no more James Allen!!:D


  • i'm looking forward to it. Should be much better.
  • you mean there will be less zealous Hamilton cheerleading? fat chance!
  • man, they'll probably run hour long specials about F1's CO2 emissions and have "concerned" mums, MPs and head teachers debate why F1 sets a bad example for our youth... can't bear the bbc these days, it's left wing preaching excells that of the Guarniad
  • Hail the mighty(ish) Grauniad - the BBC is now a cowed and craven right wing mouthpiece of the establishment. Power to the people! Tax the rich! Eat the rich! No, wait, let's just subtly embarass the rich into maybe making a few contributions to charity - don't want to get carried away.

    Anyway, at least we won't have to watch Ads when we should be watching Action. A good thing surely?
  • I think working with all those city types has has altered your world view some what RJ:D

    The BBC can be irritating at times but races without adverts has got to be a good thing as 'ghost says
  • Bring back Murray and James?
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