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The Book

Well i pre ordered it about 6 months ago on play.com and today recieved a lovely email telling me it had been posted, something for the weekend thanks very much


  • can't wait for it to hit the stores!
  • Ordered it two days ago, and I already got the shipping confirmation to. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow :)
  • Ordered mine today :)
  • Just received mine today, only skimmed through it a little and it looks fantastic, need to hurry up an finish some school work so I can take a closer look.

    Congrats Viges!
  • Mine has come today.Thanks Viges you are a SuperStar;)
  • Truly great piece of work, very proud to own a copy!
  • Bought my book today from Waterstones.

    Have had a quick read thru my favourite years, and the fans comments, but will start from the beginning and read it properly!
  • Thanks very much guys. I can't believe it took two and a half years but I got there in the end!

    If you spot any mistakes then please let me know (gently).
  • someone needs to write a review on Amazon :D
  • Yes, you do.
  • Motor Sport magazine beat you ...

    "The tale of a Formula 1 team that took 52 races to finish in the points and spent 21 years struggling at the back of the grid sounds as though it could be a depressing read. Indeed, as Vigar says in the first few pages, "Some ask 'what went wrong?' The real question is 'what went right?'" A bleak start if ever there was one.

    However, this year-by-year account of the Italian team is both interesting and endearing. Vigar, a self-confessed die-hard Minardi fan, charts the team's 21-year history from Formula 2 to its first GP in 1985, its first point in '88, the problems with Flavio Briatore before he took over and its predictable downfall.

    This is an extremely well researched read and if you're wondering why someone would spend so much time on such a book, just have a think about how many people have written literary works on the Scottish rugby team.

    Well written and easy on the eye, this first book on the team is a must for Minardi's hardcore fan base. And for others? Well, you might be pleasantly surprised. How many other teams can say that they survived while 24 others failed during their stint in Formula 1?

    The story of Gian Carlo Minardi and his F1 team is certainly charming, even if they weren't loved by everyone in the paddock ..."

    [Ed Foster]
  • Originally posted by viges
    Thanks very much guys. I can't believe it took two and a half years but I got there in the end!

    If you spot any mistakes then please let me know (gently).
    First of all. I really enjoyed the book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Minardi or autosport in general. :)

    I spotted one tiny mistake about Christijan Albers. The book says he won the DTM series, but he never did. He ended 2nd in the championship in 2003.

    [edit]On second thought, I might just have misinterpreted it.[/edit]

    [Edited on 3-5-08 by Stan]
  • read it this morning to my girlfriends annoyance, housework can wait until 2moro

    superb book and thanks very much
  • wrote a review on amazon, other people should do the same :D
  • I've done my review also. Amazon didn't order enough copies, they've only one left!
  • Thanks guys, that's very kind.
  • Magnifico.
    The book is great.
    And so is the author ;)

    I'm proud for the little help I gave.
    Bravo Simon!
  • wrote a review for Barnes&Noble.com
  • I received my copy today. Congratulation to Viges for his great work.
  • Autosport magazine review:

    "Minardi were universally loved during their 20-year stint in F1 and now Simon Vilar (sic) has attempted to gather up the best bits in his new title, Forza Minardi!
    Featuring interviews with Bernie Ecclestone, Fernando Alonso and the man himself Giancarlo Minardi, the book is well-researched and insightful - did you know for instance that Ayrton Senna, frustrated with the inter-team politics at McLaren, was weighing up a move to Minardi during the later stages of the 1989 season?
    If there is one criticism - and there is one - it's that half the book (65 out of 135 pages) is dedicated to the five years under Paul Stoddart's stewardship, leaving only the same amount of space to cover the 1985-2000 period, including Pierluigi Martini's famous lap in front at Estoril in '89.
    If you're one of those closet Minardi-istas, then it is recommended."

    (Jamie O'Leary)

    Well, I can't argue with that. I do regret not getting more pre-2000 material but that's the way it happened. It didn't help that I don't speak Italian and Signor Minardi can't/won't speak English.
  • The Autosport review has done the trick ...

    Amazon.co.uk Sales Rank: 7,448 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
    Popular in these categories:
    #8 in Books > Sports, Hobbies & Games > Motor Sports
    #9 in Books > Science & Nature > Engineering & Technology > Automotive > Automobiles
    #47 in Books > Reference > Transport > Automotive

    For the first and the last time in my life I can say I'm ahead of Jackie Stewart.
  • Well done Vignes!!
    I got my copy on thursday its great, but still havn't had time to finish it yet.

    Have you sent a copy to GCM or PS ?
  • Yes, I have just received an email from Gian Carlo. He likes the photos and will sit down with a translator.
  • Originally posted by viges
    Yes, I have just received an email from Gian Carlo. He likes the photos and will sit down with a translator.
  • An Opus Magnum Mr Vigars. Congratulations on a great book!
  • Well done mate!Just received my copy, i am stunned at the amount of information in there. Great job!
  • Viges old son, can you give me the name of any bookstore chains that are selling the book. A couple of RAF types here at the moment have said they'll grab it for me when they get back ot the UK, and send it over to me.

    Cheers mate.
  • Hi Oz, the only one I know for sure is Waterstones, Piccadilly.

    The publisher can dispatch to you ...

    http://www.veloce.co.uk/shop/products/productDetail.php?prod_id=v4160&prod_group=Cars Vans & Trucks&

    or Amazon.

    Otherwise, you could have it sent to one of your UK contacts.

    Thanks so much to everyone for your support.
  • Cheers mate.
  • Congratulations Simon, looks like you've made the big time!


    Hi to all you chaps, it's been awhile. :)
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