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Spanish GP

That practice can't have been representative of what'll happen on Sunday or do I sense McLaren in a bit of trouble?


  • In answer to your questions. Probably, No,yes,yes and Yes.
    There semms to be a great deal of commotion surrounding TOIT's top end speed. Their rivals are claiming its down to the rear wing flexing. This is the ugly side of F1. If your opponent has an advantage, first accuse them of cheating, then copy it.
    If the FIA have tested TOIT's wing and passed it. The things not flexing and is legal. Clearly they have some clever wing design than maintains downforce at medium speed and reduces drag at top speed.
    Renault will be hard pressed to keep Swervemaker behind on the long start finish straight.
    Honda, or should I say Button should be worried. He was outqualified by Barrichello again. Whenever he's been up against a rcognised driver Button has always finished second best. Fisichella and Trulli to name a few. I'd ignore Ralf as it was Button's rookie year.
    Red Bull. Its not so easy to run a team once you've destroyed the existing infrastructure.
    Macca, well life without Newey ain't no bed of roses..
  • good lord, what a terribly boring race...
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    good lord, what a terribly boring race...
    Mega boring!! Hey RJ great article on the front page about the Imola 3000.
  • Processional race. I can't remember a single overtaking move..........................................................................Ah yes, Ralf. Doh, what was I thinking.

    $chummi kept Alonso honest, however, Alonso was on a mission and had his Renault dialed in. I wonder where Fisi fits in the Renault management reckoning, now that they have signed till 2012. I mean, same car, same tyres, same fuel loads, but different times. Do Renault see Fisi as the lead driver for 2007?

    There's always Juan! What happened Juan Pablo " I dont know..................electronics........................tyres..................blah, blah, blah......................sign here sir for your unemployment benefits.

    Red Bull? Just cut the red. Money doesn't buy love, but you would think it would buy success.

    Williams finally have found reliablilty..............unfortunately, so has everyone else..............I feel the need, the need for speed.

    Rubens is slowly finding his groove. How long before he starts showing up Jenson? Seems to have his measure recently in qualifying........................however consistant race pace needs improving, but he's getting there.

    Midland, why bother.
  • Wow, that was boring...

    I was way off on my predictions as well. I really thought Williams and McLaren were going to be quick here... TOIT (should we still call them Toit???) were also not on the pace that I thought they would have, but they did cock up the strategy. If they were lighter then maybe Michael could have kept the renault's at bay. In any case it was Alonso's race, poor Fisi isn't fairing well against his team mate is he?
  • just what we need. another race to increase the size of Alonso's head.

    Kimi did a good job. Did renault delibrately radio fisi when he was going through turn 3 i wonder.

    watched the interview with briatore before the qualifying and something BIG was bothering him.
  • Originally posted by Minardifan2002
    Wached the interview with briatore before the qualifying and something BIG was bothering him.
    Fisichella's race pace? ;)
  • The GP2 Race was 10 times more exciting to watch this weekend than that (Race on Sunday). Hamilton losing the lead on the final lap to his teammate was just great racing.

    Toyota, BMW, Williams, Honda and now Dennis have to be thankful that 2008 is fast approaching. It's their only chance of becoming competitive again.
  • The worst part for us here in the States is that this race was covered by CBS - the coverage was crap. I think this weekend our normal broadcaters will air their broadcast on SPEED TV.
  • The people I know around here that watch F1 hate CBS's coverage and announcers. I normally burn the races to dvd but I do the Speed broadcast and not CBS.

    For a good 5 minutes Derek Daly was going on about the Ferrari's front wing and how it use to flex despite that being at least 2 races old and the current controversy is with their rear wing and not the front. We still have to listen to this crap coverage for Monaco and the British GP.
  • Daly is bad but the other guy, Sheehen , is even worse. grrrrrr
  • I have it on v good authority that Fisico is toast. Possibly all-Finn next year (Kimi and Kova). Maybe, just maybe, Webbo.

    It seems Kimi still has the 'letter of intent' with TOIT.

    re: races. Forget chassis, engines or drivers; it is a tyre war this year - pure and simple. V dull.
  • You're right there, McLaren will be up there - but Ferrari ought to win.
  • When I saw Kovy going out at that speed, I thought about Panis in Canada '97 and M$ in Silverstone '99: can't believe he did not get any injury to his legs, the resistance of the chassis nowadays is really superb.
    To see the tyre blowing up that way was very impressive.

    As for the rest of the race, all boredom. If it continues like this, Kimi will win again the championship, but this time in August.
    Today him and Felipe could have easily gone much faster, without the SC the gap would have been 25-30 secs to Clewlis and Kubica.

    Do you guys think Nelsinho and Coulthard will keep their seats till the end of the season?
  • Yes, a big one for Heikki. Its another TOIT year. Vettel's not having much luck either.

    Brundle recently drove the Red Bull and says the mirrors are hopeless now (ie the Bourdais/DC crunch).

    BTW - the SuperNova cars in GP2 look amazingly like old Minardis!
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