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Ultimate Deal for Minardi Fans

According to the article below Torro Rosso Nee Minardi could be bought by Angolan Oil Money.

Autosport Article

Unfortunately that means Ricardo Teixera could be getting a drive.


  • Force Africa?
  • Sounds like this Ultimate deal is not ideal to Minardi fans as it could mean a move for the team to France.

    Found this on grandprix.com.

    >This is not going to be easy, but one can see that a deal between Ultimate and Toro Rosso might be attractive because of the link with Mygale.

    The French company is ambitious and having built more than 500 racing cars, notably for Formula Ford, Formula Renault and Formula BMW, has now moved on to Formula 3. With the right investment and recruitment, Mygale might be a fast way for Scuderia Toro to build its cars. The company is based in Magny-Cours and uses the RUAG windtunnel at Emmen, in Switzerland, which was regularly used by Sauber before it built its own facility at Hinwil. Mygale is currently extending its factory, doubling its surface area. The firm has also used the Aero Concepts Engineering (ACE) wind tunnel at Magny Cours (the former Prost facility). A deal involving Mygale would fulfil the ambitions of all concerned and if the money is available, it should be considered a serious possibility. It would almost certainly have to be for 2010 as it is too late to try to build an F1 car from scratch for 2009, but Red Bull has said that its goal was to sell the team by the end of 2009.
  • 1) There's no value in Toro Rosso apart from their starting place on the grid. They have no design, nor people able to design, nor facilities which would facilitate a design (wind tunnel, computer systems etc) With Aguri gone and Prodrive DOA there are two places up for grabs on the grid anyway, no need to buy Toro Rosso if all you want to do with it is relocate. There is nothing to relocate to France apart from staff unable to speak French (mostly...)
    2) anyone remember price Malik?
  • + Mygale has struggled in British F3, I don't know about Euroseries.
  • Absolutely, if you had the money and expertise to run your own fully operational F1 manufacturing operation, just get Bernie's blessing and you are in, no need to pay Mateschitz for the privilege.

    As always, the question is who has the money and what do they want out of it? In this case, it seems the money is with the Angolan oil crowd's top management. They want to live the high life, not develop a manufacturing base in French motorsport.

    So will the Faenza crowd be dressing in this shade of orange?

    Presumably the colour of sunset over the South Atlantic.

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  • Originally posted by viges
    + Mygale has struggled in British F3, I don't know about Euroseries.
    They did the double at the recent Snetterton meeting with Michael Devenay driving. So it looks like they're getting better.

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  • As far as I heard here in Luanda it is true that Sonangol has some liaison to enter F1 at the moment, I'll keep you posted if I hear something more.

    Sonangol, anyway, would enter at this stage as financer, not of course as a manufacturer.

    I can confirm the big guys here want to have a veeeeery high life, but they also have a very ambitious program to become one of the main actors in the oil world, so a F1 participation might for sure be of their interest.
  • Is this your way of telling us you are behind the deal Manlio?:D
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