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New Sauber is a beauty!

The Sauber C24 is a real beauty, a radical new design. Look at the new sidepods!




Bigger pictures can be found on the Sauber homepage.



  • Very nice, they done a great job in the wind tunnel to come up
    with a new design.

    Can't wait to see how their new car will work on the track
  • It looks slick and agressive. Very nice.
  • Looks very nice. If it works, Jacques might have a very good season!
  • It seems the wind tunnel has made all the diference, very sculpted and impressive. However the truth will be revealed in Australia.
  • Yes it's nice no doubt about that, also probably competitive.

    Let's hope our engineers are thinking of something!
  • Send these pic to Faenza to be used for "reference" !!!
  • A beaut of a car!

    big high res versions of those pics here:


    modem users beware!!!

    I hope this year will be a year of radical designs and innovations!!!

    It seems that this year will be a war like single and twin keels, square sidepods or shinkwrapped sidepods

    Now back to staring at those photos.
  • Looks like a nice car, though that engine cover looks pretty naked. If I didn't know that the others sponsors pay good money the Sauber would almost look like Jordan's situation.
  • Lovely but I hate the higher front wings; wrong, wrong, wrong. Is enough air going to get to the rads?

    Sauber's best decision was to go with Michelin under the new tyre regime - TOIT (and Minardi) are exposed.
  • Thought I read somehwere that barge boards were to be banned!!!!
  • Viges, maybe TOIT can throw some money our way to 'assist' them in tyre testing during the season.

    THe Sauber looks great. Those side pods look an awful lot like the A1GP car styling...
  • I'm with Oz. What's with the barge-boards?
  • That's the first thing that I said when I saw the pics as well. Have barge boards come back into spec?

    I love the stylign however.
  • A real cutie, check the front wing laterals, the exhausts and rear end details. Amazing. Dunno about the barge boards. Tojo did have smaller ones in their launch:rolleyes:
  • Sauber nose during testing Valencia, Spain, 14-15 January 2005

  • Err, legal? Is there not a limit on elements?
  • I think there are no restrictions for that, I think. Prost already drove with this wing before and also Ferrari did some testing with it.

  • I like it more than the walrus of last year.
  • i hope its as fast as it looks coz then it will be the car to beat
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