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Having just returned from the cicuit I can say a great race. Hamilton's penalty was justified, he gained a massive advantage cutting the Bus Stop chicane, allowing Raikkonen through and tucking up under his gear box in an attempt to avoid a drive through was a massive piss take!


  • did anyone see the Gp2 race? The way Maldonado took that victory in the final lap was pretty amazing, like a great champion he just sat there and went for the kill when it really mattered. Needless to emphasize who discovered the kid ;)
  • When I first saw it I thought that Clewlis should have waited. Even though he did back off I thought that he should have let Kimi get through the next corner before attacking again. He would have got him easy. Doesn't really change things. Massa, I believe is not a threat and Kimi is too far back. This title is Clewlis' to lose.

    Oh, and Kovi is a goose!
  • Yea I think the Championship is satcked against Marenello. For some unthinkable reason Bridgestone are bringing super hard tyres for the remaining races, in addition they'll be racing in the far east in typhoon season and its likely to be wet in Brazil as well. AFAIK Massa has never "won" a wet race.
  • great shout by Heidfeld, nothing to lose switched to wets, and sliced his way thru the field on the last lap. Someone said he was 9th when he crossed the line with one lap to go! Have to say, its the best last 2 laps of a grand prix ive ever seen.
  • You never know Hamilton could have a repeat of china.
  • Can't believe the uproar going on in the press about Hamilton "getting done over in favour of TOIT"!!

    If he had entered the corner behind Kimi in the "normal" manner, there is no way he would have been close enough to get Kimi into the first corner, and it's quiet likely that he would have got Kimi at the end of straight at the top of the hill after slipstreaming him.

    I will say that I don't think the advantage equated to 25secs worth.
  • yeah but the punishment is consistant with other penalties that would have been a drive through
  • Ferrari International Assistance. Lewis had to cut the chicane to avoid a collision. Do you think the stewards would have made that decision for anyone else? I don't.

    Anyway, great race and Kimi blew it.
  • Viges on this one we have to disagree. If you look at the footage, Hamilton had enough space behind Raikonnen to make the chicane. The reason he missed it was that he was carrying too much speed. Had he attempted to make it I have no doubt he too would have hit the wall1
  • http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=TzKMyFCaZy0
    I don't know who created this, but I think the person who did is spot on.
  • re: Maldonado. There's a rather nice picture of him and GCM on p120 of a recent book.
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