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Toro Rosso do it!!

Toro Rosso get geir fist ever pole with Seb Vettel at the Italian GP!!!:):):):P
Bourdais 4th aswell!


  • Ok, it's not Minardi anymore
    Ok, after al those people are those who killed the name Minardi in F1
    Ok, ok, ok...
    But seeing the Faenza people ruling in Italy almost made me wanna cry

    Forza Minardi
    and for once, forza Toro Rosso
  • So so chuffed for the guys, for all the ex Minardi guys who are still there at Torro Rosso its gonna be the best day of their careers. It certainly brought a lump to my throat.
  • It was a good day for the guys and gals of Faenza!!

    I know it will be hard for the victory, but it would be great if they can get on podium.

  • I do not really share your joy
    For me Toro Rosso are not Minardi!
    Come on Massa - make us proud tomorrow on the Cavallino!
  • Originally posted by Neil_s
    I do not really share your joy
    For me Toro Rosso are not Minardi!
    Come on Massa - make us proud tomorrow on the Cavallino!
    It hadnt really been Minardi for years before Red Bull came along with their money and bought the team, it was no different to all the other takeovers from Stoddart, Rumi, Briatore, etc. Red Bull just changed the name :cool:
    Its still basically the same guys tho!
  • Torro Rosso aren't Minardi and I don't support them in the same way.
    But I was really pleased to see them do so well.

    In latter years it was always on the wet days that Minardi had a chance as it used to even out the lack of engine horsepower and put fate more into the hands of the drivers.

    Torro Rosso are lucky enough to have the TOIT engine but congratulations to Vettel and Bordais and all the Folk at Faenza as it reminded me of old times. :)

  • Red Bull just changed the name
    So apart from Minardi being now called "horny bull", the entire design staff and several key people being kicked out days after the take over (including GCM), fans being told to take off their Minardi gear when they visit the team, the team using a knock off version of the Red Bull car, and it being sold to the lowest bidder in due course because they are left as a mere assembly line and have absolutely no tech base from which to design their car once the new regs come into place, what has really changed? Gosh, I've been so blind all this time! Thanks for setting that straigh for me!
  • Well done to the Faenza gang. Forza Minardi!
  • Massimo Rivola on ITV:

    "We [Minardi staff] never thought we were a bunch of idiots, we just needed the money and investment."

    Congratulations to all.
  • A star is born. Well done Sebastien, well done Faenza. Forza Minardi!
  • Faannntaastic!

    Well done guys.
    Brilliant drive Vettel!

    We always knew the team could do it.


    Dr Spin
  • Bitter sweet.
  • Vettel seems to be a genuinely nice bloke so well done to him.

    How this has anything to do with Minardi escapes me, but what's the point of starting to argue with anyone in here.
  • Absolutely, all things Minardi are, but well done to all the Faenza people, "Minardi in our hearts", as I believe someone on the team said once about the Toro Rosso situation. The party will go on for quite a while, I hope GCM (and even Stoddart) take some satisfaction from what their people have achieved.

    Bourdais was gutted last week, just imagine how he feels today. Should have been a 1-2...
  • Geez, Vettel almost sounds like Schumi. Well, a nicer happier Schumi!

    Yes it's not Minardi, but congratulations to the staff that still work there.
  • Vettel did a great job pulling this of. It's incredible what a Ferrari engine and a reasonable chassis can do. Too bad Minardi never was able to make this investment.

    By the way, Bourdais was so incredibly unlucky today (I hope it wasn't his own fault). I would have loved to see him on the podium as well.
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    How this has anything to do with Minardi escapes me, but what's the point of starting to argue with anyone in here.
    Indeed RJ.

    While Toro Rosso doesn't mean much to me, what matters is the somewhat vindication of the Minardi staff.

    Yes its a Red Bull chassis, money and big wigs, but to borrow a quote from Alonso post race:
    "I am very happy because I know 90 percent of the people stayed the same," explained Alonso. "I know the mechanics, I know everyone there. I am happy for them."

    The No.1 Red Bull team has more money, better facilities, more people with degrees in nuclear physics, but the fact is, Torro Rosso beating the No.1 team shows the worth of the staff that Minardi had.

    As I said, its bitter sweet, as it shows what could of been.

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  • RJ,

    Most of us were disappointed in the Toro Rosso complete make-over and loss of the Minardi name.

    But listening to the commentaries and comments in the paddock, the Minardi name and spirit has lived on through TR.

    Now that they have achieved what Minardi couldn't, to me it's time to give them credit. I see familiar faces and the friendly smiles and body language of the team is still there.

    Forza Minardi!
  • And finally Fratelli d'Italia played for the Faenza people.

    It's not Minardi, but it's the Minardi people.

    Ascanelli just after the race: "There are people here that spent 20 years in Minardi. I'm glad for them more than for anybody else"

  • I agree with you that Vettel is a new star.
    Well done to Vettel and to the ex Minardi guys.
    But that's all.
    I would have preferred seing Mazzacane or Yoong there! :-)
  • Great for the remainder of the Minardi staff (well done),but thats it I have no time for anything else Tora Rossa,and if its true that they tell you to take off Minardi gear when visiting the factory they can F##K OFF.That really makes my blood boil.
  • well said Lamy!
  • As far as I'm concerned the team personel at Faenza represent the spirit of Minardi. Talented people who just need investment to show their true ability. Massimo on TV was just great. A lights to flag victory in the wet, was that good or what.
    And just to show the spirit of Minardi still survives, Vettel was speaking to the team at the end of the race in ITALIAN!!!!!
  • PPS, looks like Clewlis's penalty had a good effect. Drivers cutting the chicane gave the place back and waited till the subsequent corner before launching their next attack.
    Its important to remember that the run off areas are a safety feature, if we still had walls or gravel traps they would gain no advantage
  • Yes, Petrol, Vettel speaking italian at the end ("Grazie mille, gara perfetta") sounded very... minardesque.
  • ps and moreover, I have to say that on italian medias they all are talking today about "the former Minardi team". And Rai commenter at the last lap today said: there wouldn't be any Toro Rosso today without Giancarlo Minardi's work in the past. I found it very nice.
  • Really happy for the guys at the team, and they got mentioned a fair bit that was great to hear. I think Vittel knows the team is a stepping stone though, but appreciates his spot in history and the effort everyone put in.

    Im so glad Hamilton didn't catch up and win. Lucky Webber wasn't punted by him 3/4 through the race. One of the only races Im glad the pole sitter lead for the whole race.
  • Absolutely chuffed to bollocks for the blokes and sheila's at Faenza, it was great to see them finally have all those years of struggle pay off.

    I think I heard the Minardi name mentioned more in last night's race, than in the last five years of the team's existance.

    Re Hamilton, when he moved over on Webber, even Martin Brundle made mention of Lewis pushing the limits in attacking/defending his position.

    FORZA FAENZA......
  • Well they did it! The faenza group shows up the parent red bull group, with as Berger says "better set-up", and maybe some enthusiastic support from ferrari as well..and as ever the next star comes from among the team...

    meanwhile it looks like everyone is getting sick to death of lewis and his antics, banging everyone when they try to pass, he's as bad as DC!

    as to whether Toro Rosso have become the 'third force' as alonso says, that maybe a different matter.
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