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Singapore Race - Nostradamus Predictions

OK Guys

What does your crystal ball say will happen?
Apart from looking spectacular with the glow of the brake disks, will drivers be happy with the concept.
Who will have an old fashion winge?
Who will get the advantage?
Who willwin AND why?


  • didn't they say it would rain? rain at night, bloody hell :-)
  • Well done Fred - he's still got it.

    Bad luck Felipe (snigger). Loved the McLaren mechanics cheering on the TOIT boys as they sprinted past. There is a God.
  • Its great to see that Lewis Hamilton's prediction of no overtaking was absolutely spot on :D. Stick to the driving Lewis.
  • Questions need to be asked of the TOIT mangement. Why would you perservere with a release system that has failed for the second time. Bin it and use a lollipop.
    I would not put any money on Massa delivering the championship. The next 3 races could all be wet and Massa's like a catwhenit comes to wet weather.
  • By the way, is it just me or did Ferrari get away really well with just a drive through? They put the entire pit lane in danger and just about ran into a force india car.

    I wonder if they can expect a fine.
  • pit lane closed... you finish fuel at that very lap, what do you have to do? Parking the car? Rosberg would have won. I'm very glad for fernando, but Rosberg would have won without this ridicolous rule
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